(what you are about to read was made 6 years ago)
My real name - Janay
My age-12 years old
My birthday-August 25
My weight-im on a muther freakn diet
My height- about 5'3
My grade-going to 8th
My gender-Female
What I'm listening to right know when I made this, music- Linkin Park's in the end

I think I'll keep that one up there because it's like a memory
and here's an updated "About Me" section...

I'M 18 NOOW!! WHAT? as my brother simply put it i can now go to "real" jail! haha but really it's weird to think I can now sign my own papers and what not...i'm actually that age that it's like acceptable in my mind to have a child...whoa! I graduated highschool June 2013 and I couldn't be any happier about that accomplishment! I've been waiting so long to graduate it's unreal...
I am still trying to lose weight and it's obviously been quite some time since I've wanted to try and start but I know in due time I'll be in a position where I can actually start to lose the weight I want and I think I'm like 5/6 1/2
I will forever and always love the band Linkin Park they got me through middle and highschool, their lyrics and songs mean the world to me...

I will talk to/be friends with anyone(:


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Going in Blind

Chasing The Cool

I'm Janay. I'm probably not going to be putting a lot of personal things on here beacuase well, i like to keep Gaia a happy place



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Vs The Universe

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Vs The Universe

thanks hon
Glitched Existence

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Glitched Existence

Hello miss
I am commenting as a fairly simple reminded that as part of the dark legion
You are required to be active (We appreciate it since we love to keep our guild alive)
Now, I wish no offense or any harm.
Look around if you wish- or post something new to start a new conversation<3
Just as long as you keep your post organized (or rather in the right area they belong)
There won't be any quarrels <3
Thank you for being part of our growing legion <3

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Thanks for the post tip.

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Linkin Park <3

Interesting profile, by the way. Neat to see the comparison between the 'About Me' from when you were 12 and the 'About Me' from your present. Funny how time just flies, huh?

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Thank you. c:

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you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!

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hows it going

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It is what it Is8)