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Cream Fairy Report | 04/19/2015 9:53 pm
the wedding was ok , bcz there was some prob, and yes i ll send u picz by pm x3
the best thing in wedding that i was happy for my cousin and that we took picz

but the atmosphere was not good, bcz of the family of the groom >.>..

and u too show me show me picz from prom x3 <3 <3
Cream Fairy Report | 04/12/2015 7:24 am
awwww sweety >.< !
how was the prom ?
i have wedding after 2 days on april 14th , i got a purple dress x3 and i have another wedding on may 1st , got a blue dress for the other x3 <3
Cream Fairy Report | 04/08/2015 1:06 pm
ohhh sad
wish u best luck and time for the prom <3 <3 <3
Cream Fairy Report | 04/04/2015 7:47 am
awww poor sissy >.<
well at least now u have easter vaccation right ?
we have it here now, started yesterday
im saw an anime 3 days ago called : say i love u
i was like omg i didnt watch anime in forever x.x
watching korean drama to help me learn korean faster [ this is how i learned english + the basics in school ]
Cream Fairy Report | 03/29/2015 4:46 am
yeah through a lot x.x
well i told u i am addicted to korean drama right ? [ i saw this week 20 episodes means 20 hours or more xD a whole drama called kill me heal me, i loved it so much, it is comedy romance sci-fi]
then yesterday and today i saw angry mom[ i dunno if i ll continue it or no, there is no comedy in it, like 1% comedy] since i wanna stuff that makes me laugh not makes me cry x,x

and i have 4 projects to do @_@
Cream Fairy Report | 03/21/2015 11:39 am
my week was full x.x
my sis came back home from hospital last friday, and my middle sis [ went to mountain on sunday and she wasnt wearing warmy clothes, so she got sick and cold and went to ER on thursday , ]
my college week was so full, bcz i met an automatic teacher x.x who talks while we write [ but u think he explaining a lesson, but he is telling u what to write, and he talks so fast x,.x]
Cream Fairy Report | 03/18/2015 12:22 pm
that is a good feeling , right :3 ?

im so proud of my sissy <3 *hugglz*

i went this week 2 days, today is off, i have tomorrow, if i go tomorrow then this is my full first week xD [ im just having allergy bcz spring will start]

proud of u sissy <3
Cream Fairy Report | 03/12/2015 10:29 am
wow , sissy dont be lazy , i know exactly how u feel >.<

im doing fine , weather is playing with us here, tuesday it was so warm then yesterday was rainy and today cold rain dust x.x
Overstep Report | 03/09/2015 2:49 pm
watching youtube vids kinda bored
Cream Fairy Report | 03/09/2015 9:40 am
sweety how was ur weekend ? and are ur studies?

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