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Location: Altea/Ylisse

Birthday: 07/15


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Noble Link Report | 07/29/2014 11:41 pm
Noble Link
i'm thinkin' about a Pit avatar now xD
princess peach ssbb Report | 07/29/2014 11:37 pm
princess peach ssbb
iPrincess Martha Report | 07/29/2014 11:32 pm
iPrincess Martha
Lol yea I heard but I think I will be okay xD It just kinda sucks that I wont be there most of the time when I get into college ;3;
princess peach ssbb Report | 07/29/2014 11:31 pm
princess peach ssbb
I will call u blossom
For ur bright way for introducing itself
And I will call u buttercup
Becuz it also starts with B
iPrincess Martha Report | 07/29/2014 11:23 pm
iPrincess Martha
Omg no he is taking forever!!! Soon though really soon like 2 or 3 weeks or even earlier! OuO
princess peach ssbb Report | 07/29/2014 11:22 pm
princess peach ssbb
Aww look at u all bubbly looking
That's right I will call u my bubble
I still remember the movie
Noble Link Report | 07/29/2014 11:19 pm
Noble Link
are you mocking me! >:[

alright thanks i'll go check 'em out :]
princess peach ssbb Report | 07/29/2014 11:15 pm
princess peach ssbb
I mean I like it when I was a kid
I like blossom whee
I dunno
Noble Link Report | 07/29/2014 11:13 pm
Noble Link
not me. i only have one side razz
anyway, what are those wings called?
iPrincess Martha Report | 07/29/2014 11:11 pm
iPrincess Martha
Lol yea if only Buttercup was red or something xD


Hello, I am Marth. I am a really friendly person that only wishes to be a dedicated friend and make others happy so that I can be happy.
I am a Nintendo person at heart and my favoritest video game series is Fire Emblem.

Ny favorite Fire Emblem lord is Marth because he is a very caring, noble, and trusting person that puts others first than himself.

I cosplay and roleplay as both Marth and Lucina on here. If you want to add me please feel free to do so. I accept random adds. ^-^

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