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Akasha Obsidian Report | 08/09/2013 11:22 am
You look different stare ninja stare
Guru Drak Report | 11/26/2012 9:49 pm
Nice new picture you have there. ^^
kai_tora Report | 11/23/2012 7:40 pm
Yes, well, where I come from you add a bone to the soup to add flavor... I bet you taste good.
kai_tora Report | 11/23/2012 7:32 pm
maybe one of those ribs...maybe one you don't need...
kai_tora Report | 11/23/2012 7:18 pm
You wouldn't...because then I can steal something of yours...*fixes hat*
kai_tora Report | 11/23/2012 7:10 pm
You are beautiful and I find you quite interesting. Of course I have to draw you.
kai_tora Report | 11/23/2012 7:04 pm
Well, I wanted to draw your beauty and saved this...but don't know in what style you like it...
kai_tora Report | 11/23/2012 8:06 am
No words to express how much I love what you're wearing.
*grabs on to hat, knowing there's a certain prince that likes to steal it*
the blossoming beelzebub Report | 10/02/2012 5:55 pm
it'll be worth it. FOR THE TITLES!
and hopefully other benefits in the future.
the blossoming beelzebub Report | 10/02/2012 5:50 pm
haha ikr! i hated having to wear no clothes, or just wear one cheap item.
i don't spend my time making qt avatars to just waltz around nude. >:C