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To really be in love, you must love the person with all your heart... and accept everything about them. Keep no secrets and Tell no lies. True Love is only between two people, if the other person doesn't do this and isn't faithful... You're wasting your time.

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Represent your heritage. Filipino Pride.<3


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Kiryu Cross Report | 07/02/2015 2:07 am
I do! I'll send it in a pm 3nodding
Kiryu Cross Report | 02/23/2015 1:42 am
Ano ba, girl!
Kiryu Cross Report | 11/29/2014 10:55 pm
Yours happens to be right after my sister's! So its something that should be easy to remember, but it's hard because the events of the previous tend to take over my brain for awhile sweatdrop

Haha! It's not your 21st without tequila shots.. I'm happy to hear you had fun.

Thank you! I believe you're just on time yum_puddi
Nonon-chan Report | 11/29/2014 9:46 pm
you're welcome! cat_biggrin
Rain-a-by Report | 11/29/2014 9:40 pm
Of course! You're Avi is SOOO adorable, BTW! <3
Kiryu Cross Report | 11/18/2014 8:53 pm
Hi Amber! I know it's really late, but happy birthday! I hope passed it well heart
Akita Rain Report | 11/05/2014 4:35 pm
Now we look more like the same!!! 8D
Akita Rain Report | 11/05/2014 4:26 pm
Ahhhhhhhh I dunno C:
Akita Rain Report | 11/04/2014 7:35 pm
o-o We could match even better though!
Akita Rain Report | 11/03/2014 9:27 am
o-o Love you too bby



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