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Slippery Tentacles Report | 04/10/2014 2:48 pm
Slippery Tentacles
The first one. I hadn't listened to the second one. =)
Slippery Tentacles Report | 04/09/2014 11:44 pm
Slippery Tentacles
This song is wonderful. emotion_kirakira
Reno Takamiya Report | 04/09/2014 3:50 pm
Reno Takamiya
Yep. There's no way to check to see if a voucher/DLC has been used without using it 'yourself'. Which in itself defeats the purpose for other people. Even if GameStop did allow it, people could just come in and say "This DLC didn't work for me. I'd like a refund please." which is where the dishonest part comes in. A person could have already used it and is just looking for some quick cash. Even then a bad code or problem with the DLC should be taken up with Microsoft or Sony. Since GameStop are only the sellers and not the creators.

I also posted on a Friend's Facebook page, because they posted about the remastered edition for The Last of Us. Anyways here's what I said.

I'd be interested to see if the 'Graphics' are worth it. Since most HD collections in video games are rarely HD/Remastered. Just look at the Devil May Cry collection, it's pretty much the same with HD plastered on the case. The Last of Us: Remastered essentially is a Game of the Year edition. Since it's coming out with DLC and Mapacks.

However, I do think think they need to rethink "Game Of The Year" both 'Game' and 'Year' are singular. The same could be said for award. I think the award has become a joke if a game can win 200 or if 7 individual games won the same award last year. An award is supposed to viewed as an accomplishment and that's what I don't see in Game Of The Year as it is now.

Oh well, I guess all that matters is that they're making money off the idea.

Reno Takamiya Report | 04/09/2014 3:36 pm
Reno Takamiya
What did you think about the PM I sent Willow? The only way I can see GameStop giving a refund for DLC is if it was purchased from their site or it was on your receipt. Which is still being purchased from GameStop. There are too many problems with the system though other than that which I detailed in the PM. People taking a picture of the code, trading in a game with an already used voucher, no way to check said voucher/DLC without using yourself and eliminating it's use for another person. GameStop could take said vouchers/DLC in the back, but that still all counts on those previously stated problems. And most of all dishonest people.
Lan Sukasa Report | 04/07/2014 5:27 pm
Lan Sukasa
Well, it was a joke project after all. I mean, whenever I go into the Steam Community forum for it, I see at least one thread on the front page complaining about why the game is the reason for the "downfall of gaming" as if games like Call of Duty weren't enough, I suppose. Apparently, all games are meant to be taken seriously, even those weird a** VN's or those casual simulation games on Facebook.

I mean, for God's sake, there's a disclaimer about how stupid the game is right on it's Steam page:
Disclaimer: Goat Simulator is a completely stupid game and, to be honest, you should probably spend your money on something else, such as a hula hoop, a pile of bricks, or maybe pool your money together with your friends and buy a real goat.

Who knew a game about a goat would cause such a controversy?

Not like I hate the game, I pirated it a couple nights ago and had fun causing mass destruction as a freakin' goat of all things! I might actually throw $10 down a furnace for an official copy so I can get some extra s**t from it's workshop. Though, I'm gonna hold off on doing so until I get a new computer, or they optimize the game (because apparently the game has framerate issues on some of the most OP gaming rigs,) because the game runs like a** on my computer, but it was still playable for the most part on the lowest settings.
Hidden Gnomes Report | 03/04/2014 1:44 am
Hidden Gnomes
oh ******** oh s**t ******** i ******** up so sorry shiet
Hidden Gnomes Report | 03/03/2014 1:06 pm
Hidden Gnomes
waaas????? (say it out loud if you don't get it you a*****e)
Reno Takamiya Report | 03/01/2014 10:09 pm
Reno Takamiya
I never learned about greentexting. Though I've seen it used at least twice in the VGD. It's probably because I've never been to 4chan/7chan and I probably don't want too. lol
Reno Takamiya Report | 03/01/2014 7:56 pm
Reno Takamiya
Just saw your status.

I know that ">" means greater than, but it could also mean something else entirely knowing the internet. confused
Reno Takamiya Report | 02/28/2014 8:14 pm
Reno Takamiya
Which Infinite doesn't have much. Unless you're inclined to get all the achievements and play it on a different difficulty.

Which I'm not. I only played it once, and I didn't feel like playing it again. I don't play a game again unless I really enjoyed it. Which for an example, is Persona 3, Persona 4 and Deadly Premonition.
I'd probably replay games I haven't in years and games that I haven't finished. I want to play Final Fantasy X and X2 when the HD Edition comes out for my Vita.

I never beat the game originally and I never got far in X-2. So it might be nice to play through it again.

I should probably do smaller "informational" posts when a discuss a game or just not discuss it at all though. lol


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