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things i want


About moi

(umm wow it's been awhile since i've gotten on this thing....i would suggest if you wanna talk with me to talk to me on facebook)
so yeah umm about me:
I'm charline and i go to jpii and it's pretty awesome there and all...umm i'm talkative and i like to laugh A LOT so be prepared is all i'm saying. i'm 5 ft. 1 and yes KIRI i'm taller than you( stop saying you are a centimeter taller.) ummm....yeah and i happen to have a butload of nicknames some of them don't even make sense like charlemagne and constatine( since when am i a guy emporer?) so i guess feel free to make up nicknames for long as it's not something like charlie or c


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I just want 2 say Natalia stop calling other ppl mean names like ugly. OKAY you get it? b/c it hurts ppl...learn the lesson that rachel mathew's should have taught u. DON"T BE MEAN TO OTHER PPL. I KNOW YOU CRIED ON UIL B?C OF HER. so don't do that 2 others.okay i'm done ranting now.

read my latest journal and you will find out the truth.......... btw i am glad you moved everybody hates you and ms brodhead does too that is probaly why you were moved down to sucky choir oohhh.... yeah..... btw rachel has taught me a bunch of thing and putting people down is one of them(this is what natalia said)
WTF i didn't move i went to private school so shut up...# 2 mrs. Brodhead loves me more than she loves u. Atleast i can play good piano mrs. B can say that bout u. Besides i sing better than u. You know natalia when i first met u in choir i thought u were a nice sweet lovable girl...guess not maybe that was all a charade u r just a B****

people who love to talk to me :]

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katii_yuna Report | 07/13/2009 4:50 pm
LOL It IS a store over here xDD
OMG!! I got a DA
and I use it xDD
comment me! xP
katii_yuna Report | 07/09/2009 5:07 pm
Nope not done sorry.
I have a lot of orders on drawings.
I'll try to do it right now! xD
katii_yuna Report | 06/30/2009 8:31 am
you really don't get it? O_O
katii_yuna Report | 06/29/2009 4:29 pm
i already have on of those, but i don't use it. O_o
yeah, it has artists but it doesn't have games or anything :
gaia is fun...ish. -_-"
i'm trying to get something that's worth 800k.
something for me to work on :3
katii_yuna Report | 06/29/2009 9:25 am
yeah, i guess i can, but...
there arent a variety of people on fb.
and not lots of em could draw like REALLY well. :/
and then also, on here, there's more to do.
like avi dressing and getting gold... you know the deal :3
it's fun, trying to get you want on here :]
katii_yuna Report | 06/28/2009 3:46 pm
well that and i dont really want one.
if i get one, i'll be addicted to that AND this and i just...
dont have all the time -_-"
ohh but i like the sound of "rebel" xD
katii_yuna Report | 06/26/2009 11:18 am
make a facebook?
hehe no ways man.
i pass.
everyone has one. :/
doesnt mean i have to :]
katii_yuna Report | 06/24/2009 9:02 am
wow sounds fun
if only i could commit myself into doing that. -_-"
katii_yuna Report | 06/23/2009 12:03 pm
if you were me.. or my sister. :]
thats it?
katii_yuna Report | 06/23/2009 10:39 am
no i am NOT
ugh you would totally know if you were me. xP
how did you exercise?

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