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Side note: If you pm me, several things can happen...
I might respond to your pm or not
Sometimes I feel like not talking to people at all
If you feel neglected, I apologize beforehand

Please DO NOT steal
My Artwork (That I purchased)
Avatars (That took me hours to make)
Anything else that makes you a copy cat thief emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif
Find your own creativity and Buy your own art.
People have work hard in what they do...
Please be considerate and Not steal anything. ^ u ^



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caII it luck

Report | 06/17/2015 10:04 pm

caII it luck

i dont have time for youtube! andale you make them! and i give you a kiss redface

lol where do you get your gifs from? hahaha
no estas gorda!

yes i will right now, let me just look for it on my hard drive

si se parecen!

sad </3 te queria ver sad
caII it luck

Report | 06/17/2015 12:39 pm

caII it luck

cause i don't know how to make them!! i won't pay you a paso for one! is either free or i want nothing! stare

yes i tried them few years ago for the first time and omg they were so good!!

hahahaha, ok ok sorry sad when i get home I will send it to you so you can see it! is good. Y mas por que tu me lo hiciste <3
you wanna draw me naked? asi como el jack dibujo a rose en titanic redface

lol that gif is funny!

Yeah lol, se parece a ti!

ok im going to fresno next month! what are the chances de que te pueda mirar? redface
caII it luck

Report | 06/17/2015 10:36 am

caII it luck

No!... I want tamales too! you should make some and I go visit you redface
I love de jalapenos con queso! those are awesome lol sii siii siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii talk2hand

Yes, I know! no, you don't suck, well idk i will have to ask your bf about that rofl
no but really you don't i still have the art you did for me and is awesome! you're good at drawing redface

Oh no, you lost your virginity to me?? how awesome carnala redface

Es de coco redface

lol wtf, no words! rofl
caII it luck

Report | 06/16/2015 10:03 pm

caII it luck

No, I don't eat those kind of tacos! and I will never try them! never!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha and yes im mexican ajuaaaaa

nah is you and your dirty cabezita redface

yes, girls don't call guys carnal wtf.... sounds ghetto af carnala!

i have a paleta for you redface la puedes chupar todo el dia redface emotion_dowant
caII it luck

Report | 06/13/2015 4:13 am

caII it luck

ew i have never tried the lengua ones! never!

lol, i meant the lines the LINES!!!! COCHINA!! you and your dirty mind!!

hahaha ok carnala i will try them later smile

i want tamales!!! redface
caII it luck

Report | 06/12/2015 8:49 pm

caII it luck

what???? why not??

Hahaha those are the best! do you buy from him? hahahah is they're long that means they are good tacos huh?

lol are those new ones? now i want one of those!!! redface
caII it luck

Report | 06/11/2015 6:52 pm

caII it luck

Hahahaha, por que quieres tacos? I can make you a sandwich or a sopa maruchan! redface
caII it luck

Report | 06/11/2015 5:48 pm

caII it luck

Hola amiga!

como estas?
School Related

Report | 06/10/2015 1:38 pm

School Related

Thanks for buying emotion_yatta
caII it luck

Report | 05/11/2015 9:42 pm

caII it luck

solo loca por mi verdad? please say yes!

un besito y un apreton de pompis redface rofl