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Where to find me?
You can usually find me
lurking/posting at CB, GCD,
or MP.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

If you pm me, several things
can happen...

I might respond to your pm
or not
Sometimes I feel like not talking
to people at all
If you feel neglected,
I apologize beforehand

Please be patient with me
while trading....
My trading system
is acting weird
Sometimes it takes me
a while to actually get
into the trade.
Maybe because I am
over the limit of owning
items ):

And Please do not
take it personally,
If I undercut you in mp.
I do not know you,
I just want my items to sell.
Sorry & Good Luck!
>.< <33

Please DO NOT copy my avatar,
store layout, or artwork.
My biggest pet peeve is
art thieves and copy-cats. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.

Lots of Art
Care to draw me?
Or pm me with your prices?

What I like to do on Gaia:
▫ Dressing up my avatar
▫ Earning Gold
▫ Draw Avatars
▫ Collecting items
▫ Talking to long time friends
▫ Receiving/Buying

Avatar Art

Don't Ask me/I won't:
▫ To Donate
▫ Return 'misprice' items
(Please double/triple check
before listing items in MP
Gaia tries to prevent you from
making these simple mistakes)
▫ What I'm wearing
▫ Accept Random

Friend Requests

All Credit of My profile coding&images
to their original owners.
I do not claim any of it as mine