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I'm a 22 year old art college student recent graduate... My major was in fashion illustration. I love it,and have found that its my true passion. I'm planning on getting a certificate and masters to be a elementary school art teacher. I'm into anime,games ,and manga , not as much as I used to be though.

Being a fashion major,I change my avi's clothes a lot . So sue me.

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I'm a random person once you get to know me

Random facts

-I started the site years ago when I was like 13. I've since forgotten the password and email it was under. I decided to start up again fresh even though so much has changed

-I find facial hair on men ├╝ber sexy . I tip and comment those who do it right .

-I have only one set of piercings ; my ears. I had them pierced for first time in January 2014, at a tattoo parlor with a old friend. I don't know if I'll ever get more, probably just one more set , and possibly 2 tattoos in future.

- my boyfriend and I are pandas

I love Animal Crossing,Harvest Moon Tale of two towns, Pokemon (in general) and X and Y. I have a 3DS . If you play those games, feel free message me

I also love the show Twin Peaks smilies/icon_heart.gif

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