Pretty Felicity


Birthday: 04/05



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SubmissiveLady Report | 04/21/2014 6:48 pm
I always love to see what i come back to...you never let me down on surprises
Neon Skyyy Report | 04/21/2014 3:41 pm
Neon Skyyy
Nobody. NOBODY gets into my room. You are MY dolly...ALL MINE. You'll just stay on my shelf. Might need to glue you down so you never leave.
Neon Skyyy Report | 04/21/2014 3:37 pm
Neon Skyyy
I don't think I want any of the other girls coming over to see my dolly. She's so cute, I'd be afraid they'd steal her for themselves. wink emotion_bigheart
Neon Skyyy Report | 04/21/2014 1:45 pm
Neon Skyyy
I added you to my profile page, so everyone can see you, too!!! heart
Neon Skyyy Report | 04/21/2014 1:37 pm
Neon Skyyy
Such a pretty dolly!!! heart heart
tatiana flack Report | 07/24/2013 6:30 pm
tatiana flack
Hey, how are you going gorgeous smile
tatiana flack Report | 07/19/2013 6:47 pm
tatiana flack
sad gee my towns2 got stucked when i was going to my house :'(
tatiana flack Report | 07/19/2013 6:34 pm
tatiana flack
Perfect i'm already there (towns 2) Pick the smartphone pick friends find me and pick transport, it will lead to me smile
tatiana flack Report | 07/19/2013 6:28 pm
tatiana flack
Well i was thinking in passing on my place in towns 2 (if my pc doesnt hangs up)
tatiana flack Report | 07/19/2013 6:20 pm
tatiana flack
Oh, gee, what would you like to do smile ?

I'm such a pretty dolly. Please take care of me.