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Backstory #1
As a child I was born into a wealthy family. My Father was a miner in our Kingdoms underground mines, and my Mother was a tailor, who was best at coming up with jawdropping designs. Her dresses could turn anyone's neck, and the sheer strength of my Father could make anyone flee in terror. However we weren't a feared family, no we were rather loved by the people. Father and Mother were well known by the public, and was friends with nearly everyone in the Kingdom.

Father and Mother looked at each other one day, with a wide smile on both faces as they went out to the public. Something seemed different about them. It didn't take long before one of Mother's friends noticed. She was pregnant. Word spread and everyone in the kingdom knew about the soon to be newest addition to the Rhion family. Time passed in a heartbeat, and I was born. My name is Ali Eus Rhion, or so I've been told. My memory has been decaying for so long now. Anyways, back to the story.

As I grew, my mother would take me on mining trips. No, I'm sorry that's not correct. My Father took me on trips into the mine shafts, and he'd show me how to find rarest of ores. Yes, that sounds more correct. Anywho, time passed and my Father and I found more and more jaw-dropping emeralds, crystals, gems, you name it. Our inventory grew more and more, as the never ending mines beneath our Kingdom supported us.

My 19th year was when it happened. It was a normal day like any other, my Father and I went into the mines, and decided to split up and go about our usual business. I took a path I've never set foot in before, and that's when I heard it. A whisper in my ear, the most hypnotic whisper I've heard, and still hear. Although it seems to grow louder now, but that's for another time. I followed the whisper, mindless, and unable to think of any dangers it may have hidden. It only seemed like a matter of seconds, I had walked miles upon miles, following the voice until I found a chamber deep beneath the Kingdom.

Upon entering the chambers, I saw it. Floating in the middle of the room, upon an altar, as if it were waiting for someone, for...me. A beautiful, violet gem that I had never seen before. Glowing an astounding light that bewildered my mind. I knew the moment I laid eyes on it, I had to have it. I walked forward, unaware of the casualties it held. When my arm reached out to grab the gem, it seemed to hiss. My eardrums nearly exploded at the pain the hiss ensued, but I felt something... someone grab my hand. Although it didn't just grab me, it began to sink into my skin. Whatever was inside the gem, sunk deep inside of me, and before I knew it, I blacked out.

Only the gods above know how long I was out for. But when I finally came to, I could see so much more than what I used to. These gems had a special power to them, each and every one of them. Although they were weak while apart, together they could grow into something much better. Foolish people used these gems as fashion statements, or even worse, currency. Unaware of the powers they held. As I stepped out from the chamber, I saw something truly terrifying. What looked like a lonely mine worker approaching me. It may have just been my head, but something was telling me my fa-.. he wasn't safe. It reached out it's hand towards me, and that was when I struck it with my pickaxe. It's eyes looked almost, betrayed. As if I actually knew who it was, all I knew was that it was attempting to steal what was rightfully ours. I-...I mean rightfully mine.

This gem has opened my eyes to all sorts of wonders, and although the whisper still occurs in my head, I know now what I need to do. Seek out every gem I can contain, and become the most powerful being in the universe. Only then, will our hunger for power be satisfied.

Backstory #2

Life in Valoran was always simple and boring, while more people were busy enjoying their time training and fighting, hoping to get into the institute of war, Rhion was stuck with her father at a small tea shop. She didn't quite mind it though, she was always a big fan of service, and never so much of fighting. At a young age her father taught her how to brew tea and other warm drinks, but that wasn't enough for Rhion to experiment with. Even at the age of 21 when she mixed and tested alcoholic drinks, it still never captured her attention to the fullest. It all seemed done before. Rhion wanted new exposure to unpredictable things. Her father took note of it, and one day showed her a secret room she had never been introduced to before.

Her father smiled, and showed her a book explaining the ways of magic, and how different substances worked with others to either create beautifully tasting drinks, or deadly and venomous liquids. Nonetheless, this was enough to capture Rhion's interest. Her time at the tea stand began to gradually decrease, as her time in the underground studies increased further and further. Within no time, Rhion became a master of brewing concoctions, but just because she was a master doesn't mean she knew what each combination did. It was enough to convince her though, while working with her father at the tea stand, she'd also go out of her way to find new ingredients and test them with anything she could get her hands on.

Not to mention slip a few drops of her potions into her customers drinks. Test subjects are hard to come by!


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