Oh, yessss!!! I am TRULY a registered Phantom-A-Holic!! Greatly privileged to see it 3 times on stage!! New York, London, and LA. Oh, goll-EE !!! The films--both the Drama with Liam Neeson AND the long-awaited, much LOVED film of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, with the Always-Yummy, Most-Surprising Gerard Butler--The Phantom of the Opera!!! Ahhh!! Bliss!!! I could, and HAVE, gone on and on and on.........(sigh)...The last time I saw it was in LA, and MY Official First Date --lol-- with my NOW husband. He SWEARS that the Phantom is the ENTIRE reason we have our sweet son!! blaugh Kind of loses a bit in the telling when you see that he was born OVER a year past our wedding...But...THAT Phantom had some moo-ooo--ves that NO-ONE EVER seen before...... (maybe....Elvis?)
So, YUP!!! I am most definitely a Phan-Fan. I've performed several of the songs--vocals--in different venues. A good friend wanted 2 songs sung at her wedding, even!! I prevailed upon one of my regular duet (male) partners for THAT one. And "NO" I'm NOT OLD!!-------Just not a teenager (barely) Been busy with losts of stuff--got out of High School at 14 (graduated) graduated College at 18 1/2....So, Lotsa mileage!!!! Welcome to the fold of Hopeless Phan-Fans!!! (as I am with any Musical worth its salt!!) rolleyes 4laugh