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Where I keep my art and other stuff.

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X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 09/12/2014 5:54 am
hey why arent you coming on anymore?
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/08/2014 7:59 pm
yeah she does just want to stay out of the fame and star light. I think she has seen what the famous-ness and the spotlight can do to someone.

I can just agree with you. I love that she is just someone that wants to stand back and do what she does best. I love the song Blurred lines as well, hate the video! absolutely hate everything but the actual song!!! XD

but yeah love fancy love the video! it reminds me of what highschool was like, clicks, popularities, competitions that werent announced, parties, etc. XD
and yay you did better on the test! but keep practicing thats how you get your score better! XD
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/08/2014 12:52 pm
I love SIA, Chandelier is my favorite song by her though atm. hahahaha it is a hard question but yeah its hilarious! I love changing songs, you got too! XD

I love Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, and Rude by Magic! as well as FANCY BY Iggy Azelea biggrin

and OMG thats cool though, thats your warm up test though
take another one. it might be way better.
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/08/2014 12:33 pm
yeah you could type super fast like me! XD but yeah! I occasionally got to look down at the keyboard when im searching for a word in my brain to type, or if i keep making a mistake. other than that i usually just look at the screen and watch the words form before my eyes, just like i did when i was typing this to you. other than a few errors.

So yeah i type sort of accurately. Cant complain! XD

what's your favorite song right now thats on? Just curious, thats why im changing topics. cause im wondering what everyone's favorite song is!
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/08/2014 12:26 pm
yeah i dont type with the home row either i think that is a bunch of crap! Just keeping your hands level and stuff like that is a good way to take care of your fingers and wrists! biggrin

I cant complain here! biggrin but i like typing fast but then again people just end up staring and watching me type and i then look to see them looking at me and im like "Oh, Hey" XD Hahahahaa
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/08/2014 12:20 pm
hahahha, no, ive just always been a fast typer and he made a comment about it by saying type type type and i was laughing my a** off! XD and i did a typing contest twice while hes been sitting next to me and he was shocked! i typed 73 WPM and then 83 WPM and THEN 78 WPM and then now that i just started typing you he thought that i was still going at it when in reality i am just typing you! and i was like, no! XD

omg its too damn funny!!! XD
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/08/2014 12:05 pm
oh wow that is interesting. I am looking for it. smile And as i am typing you my instructor keeps saying "type type type type"
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/08/2014 11:59 am
yeah i can do that! I've been selling the charms lately. I am trying to save up but all I get are god damned heart charms and nothing else. and there is nothing cool you can make with like 20 heart charms! You got to sell an item, get gold, buy the star charms, and the diamond charms, or the wildcard charms, and THEN you get to make something that you wont get half the money from of gold that you spent into getting the charms!
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/07/2014 10:35 am
Ive tried to make something nice but there isnt really anything that attracts me!
X-PreciousKatie-X Report | 08/05/2014 11:19 am
ugh i know right! the inflation of that item was rediculous i cant believe i didnt wait until now, but then again i got tons of items now that have still inflated and keep inflating rediculously!





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