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I have come to live. This life may not always be what I expect or what I desire but it is still a gift. I will live this life to best of my ability with zeal and fervor. Be wary our lives are not our own. Our lives are a gift from the most divine. We are instruments of love and positivity so let us act and live accordingly. My brothers and sisters, let us come together in peace, knowledge, and prosperity. May the Source be with you.

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MASOZI (face claim: Ashlee Desire)
Abducted as a child by a mysterious organization, young Nia Masozi was experimented on. After her DNA was spliced with several feline genomes, she can now use the abilities of these animals at will. Nia uses her beastial capacity to beat information out her handlers to find her way back to her old life. Growing up in captivity has made her cold but even with all the animal DNA her humanity is intact (for the most part).

CARSON (face claim: Corey Baptiste)
Isaac is an individual that uses his unnatural eyesight to perceive the entire spectrum of light. This skill alongside Isaac's combat and stealth training make him a well-conditioned agent of espionage. As a government official, Isaac is charged with protecting known conductors (humans with the conduit genes; mutants) from those who do harm to them and from themselves as well. As a second generation hero, he has quite large shoes to fill.

MOTO (face claim: Xiao Wen Ju)
Kalyani Moto. Mega Pop Star, Hero For Hire, Fashion Designer, and all before curfew. Gifted at a young age with a natural love and talent for music, Riot has the ability to manipulate sound. Kal has learned to use her abilities in both offensive and defensive positions. She can create vibrational barriers that block sound from getting in or out of a given area. Kalyani is an expert ventriloquist as well as impressionist. Her ability allows her to mimic voices and sounds that only a highly trained ear could differentiate from the original.



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