I keep getting Langers in the Daily Chance....Freaky.

I'm PokerChips, a username that rightfully belongs to my brother, but this is Gaia, he'll never know. :3
You can call mt Yoshi, everyone seems to be calling me that now.

I'm Japanese, and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I lived in Osaka the first half of my life, but I hardly remember my time there, I was so young and now I'm so ooooold. D;

Anyway! I'm not so much on the Anime scene, I will watch Anime, yeah, but not often. Then again, Show me A Miyazaki movie and I'm gluing my a** in a chair.

Hm...That's about it.

GateFire has Donated: Coon Tail, Black Getagrip Gloves, Blue Flex Top, Crimson Slick Cargo Pants, and Aoi Cache Shades! She, is like, GOD. Go. Worship her!
grenadillo has Donated: Pale Head Fins
Feeksje has Donated: Lucky Stars
Lady Kykyo has Donated: Bugs, Inks and Trash!
Some Anonymous benefactor has Donated: Goldenrod Shade Hat! Thanks Stranger!
KandiRaver420 has Donated: Bugs Inks and Trash!
Awnes has Donated: Bugs, Ink, Tickets and Tokens! [/center]


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We should go mall walking.

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thanks for buying my sumi tribe o:

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Merry Christmas, TSU!
Be nice to your honey and be happy you're there with her. <3

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Is this revenge for the gorilla comment?
I'm sorry. xD

Somehow it still makes an epic birthday message. I am also very happy I'm 20. I knew yesterday that rapeface was meant for my oncoming birthday, but I forgot to comment back about it. Thanks for the nightmares! <3

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Surre goood luck with that

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Its okay Tyttil, don't worry about it. Just ignore it lol.

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Tyttil we (Jess, Helen and myself) have a question about your package.
Is it truly long and thick, has it come yet?
I'm sure you'll be happy to see it come out of thin air.
Has it bust through the door yet?
I'm sure Sabbath will like it.
You'll have fun all night long.
This is from me, Jess and Helen
Sir Xio

Report | 10/03/2009 11:57 pm

Sir Xio

Sir Xio

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Sir Xio

Sir Xio

Report | 06/12/2009 5:10 pm

Sir Xio

The bets are in. The game just started and the pool is at $600. Which will be divided into sections. One being the CW group and the OTW. You're max win is at $200 because there are so many in the pool and you're with Detroit. Somehow the pool was able to cater to the fans on Detroit more. Good Luck.