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Just another day...

So yeah. This is just a daily journal (at least I will attempt to write in it daily) and since I'm just a senior in high school who works at a banquet hall every once in a while, this is probably going to be pretty boring.


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Happy Birthday! 3nodding
kitti kat

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kitti kat

s**t, thats in Mariette County, I got my first and only speeding ticket there from some doucheba-oh, never mind... My husband was working in western Wisconsin for a few seasons, Eau Clare to Rice Lake, Ladysmith to Barron. Theres some pretty spots around there but its not the same.
and yes I did take that pic myself
with my cell phone
as I was being SWARMED by mosquitoes, etc.
kitti kat

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kitti kat

The entire lake superior shoreline is a magnificent area, this was taken in Northern Michigan (east side of the Upper Peninsula)
Last year I had the pleasure of driving from northern Minnesota and across the entirety of UP during early color season and omfg it was just so beautiful everywhere you looked 3nodding

......................but the winters are long and ugly burning_eyes

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hello grey I karou from ppgz you like to be frineds I just like to make frineds

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I was looking through the 'Introduce yourself' forum in an Adventure Time guild. I can't post yet, as I am not yet accepted.
I was distracted by something {Don't remember what}, and found my way onto your profile.
You humoured me though, so I'm happy.

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D Sorry, I'm just creepy Charming like that.

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Hello stranger..
I hope to court thee, fine lady of the stranger variety
In modern-day lingo:
*awkward* H-hii emotion_yatta redface
Cassy Uzuki

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Cassy Uzuki


Hello stanger



so I heard you like pokemon...

is this for reals?

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Your avatar reminds me of something but I don't know what. :/

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wanna skype sometime?


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