My name is Leah. No, not like the Star Wars princess; my name is pronounced "Lee-ah." I prefer to be called a nickname derived from my username. "Poison Parody". A popular one lately is poi poi. I'm a recent graduate of high school, & Summer 2014 I'll have my Associate in Arts degree (2yr). I'm 18 for another three months. I like just about every kind of music, and I like playing music too. I've been playing guitar for three years and have enjoyed every moment of it. I don't play electric guitars; I play a Yamaha classic acoustic guitar with steel strings or my Washburn.

When I'm not online or I do not respond, I'm doing something better than sitting alone on my computer, be it listening to a lecture in class or spending time with my family before I move away. I'm under a lot of stress about my future so I wouldn't try igniting my fuse, since it is virtually nonexistent. I don't respond well to irritants. I'm also on a semi-hiatus when it comes to gaiaonline.com and various other online activities, though I lurk more than I should.

I appreciate all kinds of art, and I love making art as well. I like the digital design medium, but I am also a ceramic artist—a potter. Some of my works will be posted on Tumblr if you're interested, and it'll have works in progress and sketches I do when my professor is droning on about something unimportant. Here's my art-Tumblr page, and my Deviantart page. I am proficient with a pencil, trust me. I would love to have art made for me, too, if you have some spare time.

I made this profile but don't ask for my code please. I made it for me. If you want one, ask me nicely and I might do one if I like your idea. I'm an adv. lit roleplayer, but lately I've not had the time to devote to advanced literate roleplays, and so I "have fun" with semi-lit . . . I also took time to make a guide for roleplaying, which can be found here. It's supposed to be taken lightly since it is heavily drenched with sarcasm, since I am sarcastic naturally, but I also fueled the making of it with a lot of frustration from experiences I've had in the past, as well as some "irksome" input from other roleplayers in the community and roleplay Captains. I also have an art shop if you wish to buy from me formally and fuel my unhealthy item obsessions. It's called "Ravenclaw" because I read the Harry Potter books awhile ago and fell in love with the Ravenclaw House. Link can be found here, if you wish to take a look.

I love my friends, who love me. Don't test them, or me. *cheery voice* If you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to ask!! :D

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Hubba hubba. Someone's got an awesome avatar! I tried making a sci-fi one back in the day, and I thought it was pretty cool. It's nowhere near as cool as yours though. You've got some rad style, my friend!
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Ah well. I may yet come across it~
I'll be stalking your shop sometime soon, I'm sure.
Until next time! ^^
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At the bottom of your 'About Me' section. It says you're red ^^
-is a total sucker for personality tests of all kinds-
Also, kudos on Ravenclaw. It would be my house if I weren't such a pure Slytherin xD
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Hello there~
You have a rather lovely profile.
If I may ask, what test did you take to obtain that color result you posted? ^^
Miss Munny

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Miss Munny

Most welcome. :3
Miss Munny

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Miss Munny

Your profile is just lovely. 4laugh
Carefree Melodies

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Carefree Melodies

haha. your welcome. c:
and thank you! ♥
Carefree Melodies

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Carefree Melodies

its yiruma. 3nodding

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baw thanks babs yum_puddi

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omg i love your avatar its so pink gonk heart


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I do art. PM me if you want art from me.
the pixel & chibi were by me.
My birthday is in 6 days. o uo"

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18┆musician┆roleplayer┆artist┆college student
steam: poisonparody

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