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Mango Pickle Down River - M.I.A.


First there was Butterfly - our Goddess of long ago who still resides within our hearts; the Goddess of the fairy folk who also ruled over the forest creatures such as the centaurs, the fauns, the trolls, and so many others.
Butterfly, who then was captured by a rebel gang of forest bandits, saved by the human William who then acquired the sacred collar of power, leading him to the realm of our Gods in the quest to marry our woodland Goddess.
Butterfly, who died within the arms of the human who dared love her, after he slayed Lady Cosette and Aeschylus - the King and Queen of the Gods.
Butterfly, the Goddess who died.

Then there was Riverwisp, fairy Queen who ruled in her place and restored peace to the kingdom grieving our beautiful Goddess' demise as well as the fall of the King and Queen of the Gods, themselves. In time, those that lived within her realm came to know happiness, again, and life flourished once more. Before the realms of Gaia's humanity spread onward.
Riverwisp, who evacuated her people during the unforeseen human invasion that occurred within our territory, but drained all her power in doing so, and had none when the man-made tree eaters swallowed her along with the kingdom we had lived, fought, and died for.
Riverwisp, the Queen who fell.

Those that remain of those times are scattered. Centaurs and Elves, who had been under Butterfly's rule during her existance, had always been separate enough to reside in what was always considered as their own territories, so by the time of Riverwisp's death, they were fully prepared and capable to defend themselves and move elsewhere - some refusing to leave their territories and thus establishing bases on the outskirts of the human settlements that took over where their proud forest once stood. Fairies and their kind, though fragile, were also able to escape easily through their magick - hiding amongst the humans, for their woods were still under attack and the homes of the humans provided good shelter.
Fleeing, we were scattered still more. Exhausted, starving, and scared, even more of us perished. With forests growing sparse, the cold of the outer realms crept in and sickness weeded us out further.
By the time the roar of the machines that had eaten our homes, our kingdom, and our Queen had ceased, few of us remained. Most were brought into society to grudgingly eke out a living among the humans that destroyed our kingdom.

M'name's Pockets. I'm a changeling; prob'ly a troll. I'm not really sure. I live in Durem, though things have gotten a little rough around the edges, lately. I'm hanging in there, though. Here's to a brighter future, I suppose.

Farewell, tragic queen...


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NuL Report | 07/31/2014 9:54 am
No worries smile sorry, I'm on my pho and it's hard to type on here.

Have a great day!
NuL Report | 07/31/2014 8:07 am
No worries.. I saw you posting in the forums about thinflation and I wanted to share a bit of my stuff with you. smile
Recycle Momma Report | 01/08/2012 7:45 pm
Recycle Momma
Thank you for the trade of goodies!!
funky crystal Report | 10/21/2011 11:59 pm
funky crystal
thanks for buying enjoy your item
Lord Dracula Tepes Report | 09/17/2011 6:48 pm
Lord Dracula Tepes
thanks for not overpricing the von helson doll
I've been trying to get that thing for like ever
also awesome avi
the happy dead Report | 07/14/2011 1:29 pm
the happy dead
hello old friend!
Sabin le Rose Report | 07/06/2011 11:45 pm
Sabin le Rose
The glasses totally accent them too.
I'm a sucker for glasses.

It adds another layer to the eyes, which I view as a window into a persons "soul." or "self' or whichever you want to call it.
Sabin le Rose Report | 07/06/2011 11:40 pm
Sabin le Rose
I don't usually say things like this to random posters I haven't ever seen around before...but.

You have pretty eyes.
Soiraen Report | 07/03/2011 3:20 pm
there's something about your avatar that i really love : D
Spider20 Report | 02/22/2011 2:52 pm
Heh well good to know that you are good now. =D
yes sir!~ xD I love the feeling I got after I finished my cosplay last year so it made me want to do something harder and better for me as well...in a sense. haha

Ohhh your artwork is awesome sauce xD I'm sure you can make it with ya artwork. *nods* ^__^

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