» a b o u t . m e.
I live in Sweden with my boyfriend, soon 4 year old Nova and 1,5 year old Molly. We are one happy little family. If Im not on Gaia or playing around with graphics and codes I like to spend time with family and friends. I love to cook different food - thai or indian are my favorites. Check out the Green chicken curry to the left and there is a link to more recipes as well.

Breath in.. and breath out.. breath in... phooo... I love to relax & release the pressure of everyday stress. Doing yoga is a great way to work your body in a smooth stretching way still strengthening the body. The focus is on the spirit & to get to know your body better.

Reading books is also a relaxing and stimulating thing which I try and do as often as time and energy is there. With two kids and a boyfriend thats not as often as Id like though...

» a b o u t . m y . g a i a.
Ive been all around Gaia basically. Started in Chatterbox as most do. Went on to the Exchange to run a shop with some friends found the art-forums about the same time. I still visit the Question and assistance-forum from time to time when Im in a helpful mood. The Profile Discussion-forum is now my home next to Personalized Graphics where I run my current shop - White Wishes (link to the right). Its on a hold now though due to other duties on Gaia and me being busy irl. I became a Site moderator in may 2008 and I find it to be a very fun, stimulating and fulfilling task filled with responsibility.

With my profile-shop I found the inspiration & the way to express myself that Ive been looking for a long time. I can work on my graphics/coding-skills as well as satisfy the needs of people on Gaia that want a more fun & special profile. I like to work with different styles & dont want to get stuck in a certain type of look or layout. Hopefully I will be able to open up my shop later on, but as of now its put on hold indefinitely.

My addiction to Gaia has gone up down. Ive always been here to some extent but its the past two years that I found new air to breath. Profiles are my life on Gaia and somewhat irl as well. Ive always had fun with graphics and I am for certain a coding nerd. I knew html and a bit of css before but it was with profiles that I understood the real potential of css. Ive evolved so much I would never believed it - it has really changed my life.

» a b o u t . m y . n a m e.
I know some have trouble pronouncing my name. Plysch means plush (the soft fabric) in Swedish so you can always call me plush, plushie, plyschie or ply if you like to.

» a b o u t . m y . p r o f i l e.
Layout, graphics & coding by me - plysch. Avyart by Gya 2007. With this (my 9th) profile I was inspired by the lovely art by Gya and by the color white which in some sense is the essence of 'plysch'. I was looking for a soft and dreamy theme. Everything created with Photoshop 7.0, ImageReady and the Web Developer Toolbar. Finished oktober 2008. It took me some months to finish seeing Ive been very busy during summer etc. Tested in the following browsers; Firefox, IE 7 and Netscape. For credits - see link to the left. Please - dont steal images or coding!

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    G r e e n . C h i c k e n . C u r r y.
    (for six people)

    - 6 chickenfilets
    - 1 can of coconutmilk
    - garlic 2 cloves (chopped)
    - 2 tbsp fishsauce
    - 2 tbsp green currypaste
    - 1 aubergine (chopped)
    - 2 fresh green chilis
    - kaffirlimeleafs (chopped)
    - salt & pepper

    - fresh coriander to serve
    - basmati rice

    Slice the chicken in small pieces. Add the coconutmilk to a hot pan and let it quickly boil. Add chicken, garlic, fishsauce and bring to boil again. Lower the heat on the pan slowly boil til the meat is almost done. Add currypaste, aubergine, chili and the limeleafs. Boil for some minutes. Serve with the rice and sprinkled coriander on top. If you dont want that much heat to the dish then remember to take away the seeds out of the chili before adding it to the curry.

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        » ABOUT MY QUILT.
        I quilt profiles that amazes me so please dont ask. Feel free to add me if you like, please leave a comment if you do. Click my patch for code & extended quilt.

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Report | 12/15/2015 1:08 pm


Hey Stranger....

- ZZhockeyfreak22 aka Andrei.

Hope all is well!!

Report | 08/14/2015 1:32 pm


Holy crap!
You were on and said something!
{{hugs your face}} heart

What's going on with your profile? sweatdrop

Report | 04/20/2014 12:37 pm


Hoppy Easter~! heart

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Hi I think your graphics are amazing, and I'm a beginner photoshop-er so I'm not asking you to teach me how to make graphics or anything, but I would just like to know if you know any good photoshop tutorials pertaining to graphics because I don't seem to know which tutorials I should start on sweatdrop
H o l l y x L o v e

Report | 10/10/2011 5:53 pm

H o l l y x L o v e

I was browsing around some profiles,
and I saw the profile was by you..
amazing work, very well done.
my cousins live in Stockholm...

Report | 07/19/2011 8:52 am


Decided to stop in and see how my buddy is doing. So how are ya?

Report | 06/26/2011 3:02 am


Happy birthday!! <333 I hope you and your family are doing well!

Report | 06/23/2011 11:55 pm


Your yoga link is very inspiring. I'd been procrastinating long enough I think its time to register for yoga class. Thank you.


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