I am a girl who loves anime manga and anything cute really!

I play zOMG a lot, so feel free to ask to play ( Although i am only just about to be level 5! )

I really like MLP and i can't wait for season 5!!!

FlutterShy is best pony!

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Blueberry Smoothie Potion
Rosamund\'s Devotion (Innocent Temptation 2)
Maisy Lovely Locks (Midnight Blue)
Fergus the Scottish Terrier (Matching Vest)
Alister’s Wonder (Pants)
Amusing Manner (kawaii)

Also I would LOVE If you could help with my dream avi!


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My famed Diary entries!

My famed Diary Entries!

Ok,so this journal is my Gaia characters personal life,anyone and everyone can read this because her story is that she is a writer! She writes tons of stories and poems but is mostly known for her diary entries!



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hello!! 3nodding
I Asche I

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I Asche I

Nah, you're not bothering me.

And thank you ~

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Grat son the completion of your dream avi~!
Xshy_but evilx

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Xshy_but evilx

A person who is obsessed with anime.
sunset sugar shimmer

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sunset sugar shimmer

U look like nyan cat in the outfit! Lol
Xshy_but evilx

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Xshy_but evilx

Arigato Gozaimas! heart heart for the gift
sunset sugar shimmer

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sunset sugar shimmer

also.... thank you!!!!!! ur the best!!!!! and im starting to look more cute coz of the gaia coins u gave me!!!!
sunset sugar shimmer

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sunset sugar shimmer

how did u make ur profile like that!!!!!!! scream LOL i realllly want to know! plzzz tell me! whee rofl

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Hey Everyone!
If you like the Kyo Kun from fruits basket,then you can thank my big sis Jesseth!

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Thank you!


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