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Himo Hiryo Report | 05/09/2014 8:11 pm
Himo Hiryo
What's your name on Facebook? I definitely will add you! I barely check this anymore too! You can find me by my name Joshua Plummer or my e-mail:
Himo Hiryo Report | 02/22/2014 1:58 pm
Himo Hiryo
Hey there! Long time no talk!
Himo Hiryo Report | 07/15/2013 5:17 pm
Himo Hiryo
Congrats! & I am still in Florida! I attend Florida A&M University! I'll be starting my 2nd year in the fall!
Himo Hiryo Report | 06/11/2013 11:29 pm
Himo Hiryo
Lol I've been great. Finished my 1st year of college on a good note. So I'm just relaxing for the summer.
Uesugi Ankit Report | 06/10/2013 3:12 pm
Uesugi Ankit
I didn't sing along, but it was stuck in my head for weeks! xD

Don't get me started on synonyms. Had dem nice curves and a sexy body. dramallama

Nuh uh, my heart is warm! T^T We can make it work out bby <3 cry
Taeklatte Report | 06/10/2013 9:58 am
summmaaaa classes gonk
I have to take my accounting entrance exam too ToT
Congratulations on graduating <3333 I'm at FIU
have lotsa fun at USF!!!
Taeklatte Report | 06/09/2013 8:17 am
you in uni now?o:
if you are, which one?
im pretty ok, taking summer classes at my uni gonk
Uesugi Ankit Report | 06/09/2013 1:44 am
Uesugi Ankit
Same here. xD I had to use my moms laptop, but yeah, I got there like...2-3 times only. ;o; Was hard Q_Q

Omggggggg all dat action!!1! My favorite part was when they showed the antonyms! *-*

Aww you know I'm only kidding Joybby cry
Taeklatte Report | 06/08/2013 9:07 pm
Gertttyyyyy you noob
still on gaia? o:
Uesugi Ankit Report | 06/08/2013 12:29 am
Uesugi Ankit
It lagged the ******** out of me on this comp. Did you ever make it to the dragon? ;D AND THE PANDAAAA

Omg so much effort. But romance, das my jam. emotion_dowant jk reading for the action >w>

gurl u never kno! i apprci8 evrythin u do ;( which is lyk....nuttin.....