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Welcome to my shop, both for the auction house here and the shop below for my art work!

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If you would like to see what projects I am working on, as well as get updates for sales for my shop, check it out here! Click Like on anything that catches your interest! Seriously! The more Likes I get, the more and more people will see my work!

Anyways, enjoy!

Oh, and please do not PM me or comment in my profile about donations or lowering the costs...that includes trading. If you do, you will not get a response as my ability to be polite towards such nuisances is waning. In fact, you will be added to the list below, as well as to my Ignore List.

I donate through the Dumpster Dive, and it is usually something far more valuable than whatever can be found in the Daily Chance!

Thank you!

List of people I have politely declined or simply added to my Ignore List. Do not want to be on this list? Then do not PM or Comment me, as stated above!
Xxravens shotxX
redbull with Cheese
Sugarcoat Love
Rinni The Pooh


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