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Captain Bro-Cookie on 01/20/2017

My Own Flauntings

If you’d like to know a little bit about the nicer side of me, read the comments listed below. Oh, and before you get confused, Fred is a very old nickname of mine.

My Middle Sister Wrote:
my little starving artist sister, politically unaware but definitely liberal, and hovering somewhere between atheist and agnostic

My sister believes that artists need to be able to focus on their art, not struggle to survive. I’m currently living with the love of my life, raising 7 cats, and working on random art projects. My sister no longer worries about whether or not I’m struggling or enjoying my life. I could not ask for a better life.

My Big Brother #1 Wrote:
You are caring, kind, funny and completely yourself. You don't outwardly fear anything, even though there is plenty to be found beneath the surface. On top of your giggling happy exterior, there is a lot of Fred to get to know. You're a puzzle box, and inside, as I found out for myself, there is a jewel of a girl that most men will spend a lifetime without ever seeing.
You provoke laughter, smiles, and very warm genuine feelings in everybody you know, and you are the kind of person that every guy ends up wanting in one way or another, even if they never see it coming.
You knock people off their feet.
You did it to me, and I am forever grateful that you did.

You have always struck me as something more loving, kind and pure than what I usually see in a human being. I know you have more heart than any person can tear up. Stay strong and never forget that while there are some people out there who can drag you down, there are those, myself included, who will always be happy to hold you up.

My Big Brother, first of 2, is not really of any blood relations to me. He is a fellow artist whose work is far better than my own, and has rightfully earned everything he’s worked so hard for. I could not be more proud of him.

My Favorite Librarian Wrote:
Yeah, I've had a soft spot for you for years but I value your friendship too much more to ever screw that up with something I know you're not interested in and, yes, I know I'll cross paths with my "right" someone one of these days soon. I've always found you fun, kind, open and very unique pretty much ever since you began going to the ORCA meetings. I knew there was much more to you than the young looking girl who helped hook me on anime/manga way back when and I'm happy you chose to be friends with an older, sometimes depressed librarian. It's been great having someone to chat about anything with and It's been fun getting to know your other sides and I've enjoyed opening up my other sides to you.

Oracle66 is one of the rarer friendships I've had, where I still kept in touch with since my first major move. We swap emails on a semi-regular basis. We gripe and rant to each other about whatever is frustrating or depressing us, and we always find some way to relate to what the other is going through. When our friendship was still blossoming, we found that we had a lot more in common than just our love for comic books. We help each other out, in a way that true friends always do. I can never thank him enough for being there for me.

My Tiger Cub Wrote:
Believe me when I say you are one of the most remarkable women I have ever met, and I truly am blessed to know you.

You're too good for this world, dear. There should be more people like you in the world. If it were, then the world might be a little more frantic and energetic, but it'd be a lot more exciting and a very nice place to be. You're warm hearted.

My tiger cub is a friend of mine from merry ol' England, and I absolutely adore him. Our friendship was built on role playing, but we're able to relate to each other on so many different levels. I'm so proud of him for every little accomplishment he makes each day.

An Amazing RP Fairy Wrote:
Bah! I have my posts I’m proud of, but you are definitely in that special category of RP partner that makes me want to be a better writer. Both to improve myself and to give deserving replies to your posts.

This lovely and imaginative friend makes me glad that I get a chance to RP. Reading through novels of information and notes, she helps me develop plots, characters, and worlds that encourages me to continue writing and creating. I hope someday she realizes just how much I value her thoughts and opinions.

Now here are the not so nice tidbits about me...

As you can see, I do not have my comments box available for comments. Why? All I've been getting are the overly cheerful "THANK YOU!" comments for purchasing something from some stranger's shop in the market place. I find this very annoying and exceedingly unnecessary. So! No more comments box! ^_^

I am also on the verge of restricting people's ability to privately message me. Why? Because random strangers have been messaging me about 1x1 RP's. I find these requests rather creepy, because it makes me feel like someone is stalking me. If I've never RPed with you before, I am going to decline your request, and then I'm going to add you to my Ignore List. So please save us both the hassle and disappointment; simply do not message me.

The same goes with Friend Requests. Just because we might have a similar interest, that does not mean I feel overly compelled to be your friend! In fact, if I get a friend request by someone who I've never interacted with before in the forums, they get the same treatment as those who message me about 1x1 RP's and harass me about anything to do with the market place. I have a very long Ignore List.

You will also find that you will not be able to send me requests to join your guild. I'm not interested in joining any more guilds. I like the idea of guilds, but since there is no way of subscribing to a guild thread, and I am not inclined to constantly check to see if there's been update. I am content with the guilds I'm already a part of. I don't need to be a part of any more guilds.

Come into any of my Invite Only threads uninvited, your post will be deleted. Do it again or PM me throwing a temper tantrum about it, I'll add you to my Ignore List.

When it comes to Role Playing...

I have High Standards when it comes to RPing. I have spent almost 20 years RPing online. I wasn't always so good, but I have improved a lot since I started.

With that said, that means that I am well aware that some people are still learning, some people aren't always on top of their game, that Real Life is far more important than the RP and can on occasion effect how well a person plays. I can be pretty understanding when someone either messes up or doesn't always live up to expectations. That, however, doesn't mean I won't lose my patience after a while. I am not always the best at running a plot or an adventure, but I knew I was good enough when my friends started asking me if I had anything in the works when things started to get slow.

To those who have earned my trust, to those who I enjoy RPing and collaborating with, I am happy to help them with character, plot, or scenario ideas. To those who have tapped into my abilities know that I have a mountain of resources at my disposal, and am capable of coming up with a variety of ideas. I do my research, I collect both useful and useless information, and I put it to good use.

Another thing to consider when RPing in general...

If you want to complain about an antagonist having the same ability to come back to life as a protagonist, then reread what is imaged above.


Someone put in as much thought and care into their character as you did. If you're not willing to permanently kill your own character, then don't expect the player of the character yours is at odds with to permanently kill theirs.

We are all on here to have fun. When it stops being fun, then it's time to rethink how much this hobby is worth to you. If you can't get past whatever is upsetting you, then it's time to find a new hobby. If you believe that one person is ruining your experience, then distance yourself from that person. Stop complaining. It's not worth getting everyone else riled up over it.

About the Art on my Profile...

All but three pieces are by me. Those three pieces are given due credit, and were either sent to me by friends or commissioned by them to someone else. I rarely use other people's artwork; I prefer to use my own work if I'm satisfied with the final outcome of the character design. If I do ask for a commission, it is because the other artist has impressed me.

I do not take commissions anymore. I used to, but I do not find joy in working on other people's projects. It is why I do not professionally work in the fields behind my degrees.

Look at this wonderful piece Yobi And Zarina drew for me!Thank you so much! You are a true sweetheart!

"They do rather suit being back to back. Bill is more aggressive and violent, coercing his way. Naomi tends to be more diplomatic and preferring to attempt words before slaughtering everything. They are a pair all their own. Not lovers but more than friends. Such an odd duo." ~Captain Bro-Cookie

Guardian_Fairy_Navi is so awesome for including Naomi in her group character piece! Thank you so much!

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