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♕ P i x i t ell a ♕


About Me

I'm ASIAN. A FILIPINO. Proud to be one!

I'm a rockstar! A reggae bum! A hippie!
I'm a freak in DIRTY CHUCKS!

I'm not going to rule the whole world.
I'm going to go and make myself one and rule it! =)

Yes, I'm awesome like that! ♥


One of Two

I have a twin sister IRL.
She's also here on gaia with the
username "kalurkeiaketch".
Go check her out and show her some love.


Herself on Gaia

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I talk too much. I'm in a lot of threads.
Talk to me okay? I don't bite.. hard.
I love art freebies.

I used to BG and play on ZOMG.
I was quite addicted to zomg.
I had a regular crew for smeb and I love them all~
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P i x i - Z o v e - P a u l i - A u v - D i v o - T w i - B l u e - K u r.

I have a lot of quests and yet I'm a bad quester.
I draw or make art for gold and or items.
I like changing and dressing up my avatar.

I'm totally green minded at times and a big flirt.
But even then, I am faithful and believe in commitment.
I may flirt with you but that's just that. Nothing there.

I'm pretty vocal.
So I may say things indirectly in my statuses or posts.
Try not to be too self-absorbed and think they're about you okay?
because that's just gonna create issues and drama.
I really hate too self-absorbed people too.
They're too stressful.
You're not special, no one's kissing your a**.
Get over yourself.

And I am not exactly a good person
but I try my best to be nice or be a good person.

I rage and I have anger management issues
but hey~ if you can't handle me at my worst then
you don't deserve me at my best.
Got that? So if you can't handle that, don't be my friend.

Because hate or love me,
it doesn't make a difference to me.
Everyone has their own opinion and trust me IDGF
and from high heaven till the depths of hell- I definitely
do not like you more than you don't like me either.
Moreover, I am not living in this world
just to live up to your world.
I'm pretty sure your world is pretty ******** up than mine
or vice versa.


Vampire Without It's Perks

February 17 2012 - March 2 2012
I had a nosebleed and I was coughing up blood.
I was hospitalized and in critical condition.
I almost died then and had to fight for my life.

I was diagnosed with SLE
(Systematic Lupus Erythematosus),
an auto immune problem disease and it's affecting my blood.

SLE is a life-long sickness and there is no cure.
The medications I am taking right now are just so that
the symptoms will be controlled or repressed
and that hopefully my SLE will go on a remission.

I don't know how long it would take
but I am not giving up.
I will fight this and I will get better.
To all my family and friends,
please continue to pray for me.
Thank you for all the love and support too! ♥ ♥ ♥


See You Around!

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Report | 07/30/2015 2:25 am


Holy s**t your avi is awesome right now. rofl heart
I'm kinna jealy. whee

^( ;,,,,; )^

Report | 07/28/2015 8:11 pm


Keep trying, some people said they had to refresh like 7 times before they got in. I think they're working a lot on the game right now. Lots of the skills have changed.

I've noticed in the past day my attacks miss a whole lot more now, way more than the enemy. Also, the special skill seem to work way more often for the enemy. I've been hit 2 and 3 times (like the poison and/sleep and/or paralyze) during 1 fight. They seem to have skewed the fight much more in favor of the computer than the player. There are so many run time errors in the last area it's not even worth playing half the time. I'm kind of over this game.

Report | 07/28/2015 2:19 pm


If they weren't soul bound I'd give you one. I have fought hundreds of them.
Woo Mee

Report | 07/28/2015 5:19 am

Woo Mee

Thank yooou~!
Woo Mee

Report | 07/28/2015 4:42 am

Woo Mee

Nah that's ok haha XD I'll probably reply to it later tho emotion_yatta
Woo Mee

Report | 07/28/2015 3:52 am

Woo Mee

Thank you for the b-day gift o3o
Alsso wondering if you ever got my last PM? Cos I've had another person saying a PM I sent them poofed so I wanted to make sure lol

Report | 07/23/2015 6:40 am


Fave ko dati si jean grey sa cartoons pero mas na-appreciate ko character ni storm sa movies. Astig pa ng hairstyle nia~ emotion_dowant

Report | 07/22/2015 7:00 am


Fave ko rin cia~ emotion_kirakira

Report | 07/22/2015 6:24 am


Haha pareho tau! Naimagine ko sau si storm (xmen) dahil sa buhok at kutis mo - black & deadly cool

Report | 07/22/2015 6:09 am


IKAW NA SEXY~ emotion_awesome


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