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♥ My name is Mika ♥
I love PM's and I you can find me wandering around
Towns occasionally.
Don't be afraid to say hi. I don't bite....hard.

♥ (03/02/14) ♥
((Previous names -XRainbow_WafflesX, and Im_Rainbow_Wafflez.
I've been on Gaia since 07. Took a long hiatus, and now I'm back. Inflation sucks!))

♥ Random s**t About Me ♥

Name: You can call me Mika, Rainbow, pixels or any variation of my username
Age: 26
Sex: I wonder
Status: Married, expecting baby Feb 1st.
Location: Right here of course
Interests: Gaia, Facebook, coffee, chocolate, art, friends.
Been on Gaia since: 2007
Questing: WL stuff and Arts.

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