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❥ USA, WI.
❥ 21. (but acts kinda childish)
❥ As a stranger you know me as Jayy.
Please address me as such.

❥ cats. ❥ girls. ❥ boys.
❥ anime. ❥ lolita. ❥ furries.
❥ pastel goth. ❥ kawaii stuffs.
❥ rock/metal/post-hardcore/j-rock.
❥ skinny jeans. ❥ stupid & funny s**t.
❥ offensive kawaii. ❥ body modifications.

❥ Gender Fluid.

Gender Fluidity.
Gender fluidity conveys a wider,
more flexible range of gender expression,
with interests and behaviors that may even change from day to day.

Gender fluid people do not feel confined by
restrictive boundaries of stereotypical expectations of girls or boys.
In other words, a person may feel they
are a girl some days.. and a boy on others,
or possibly feel that neither term describes them accurately.

❥ Cross-Dresser.

Cross-dressing refers to the act of wearing clothing
and other adornments commonly associated with the opposite sex.


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