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my name is Don-Don ((Short for donaven)).
so, Im pretty obsessed with domo kun =D. I like vampire role plays, especialy romantic ones <3. scroll down a little and you'l see some starters.

1.pervs ((if you want a woman, you gotta treat her write))

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My favorite RP starter ((Kayden mansion))

^^ Kayden Ren
December, 29 1823

“Wake up spleepy head.”
He awoke to her wonderful voice and her arms around him. “It’s time to get up Kayden, my love.” She said. Kayden groaned a little and nuzzled into her. She giggled and held him close to her in their coffin. Even though vampires didn’t actually need one, Kayden and Delila Ren had slept in one for a few centuries and found it quite comfortable. Delila opened the coffen to the morning sunshine and stretched with him still clinging to her.
Kayden and Delila both loved the sunshine. Every morning they would take long walks in the forest that surrounded the Ren Mansion, Even passing through the little near by town. Kayden and Delila ignored the weary looks of the human townsfolk and continued their walk through the beautiful snowy scenery . They had lived their life as normal lovers would, spending every minute of everyday together.
That night they went about their normal life. They said their goodnights to the sun and went to bed. They made love, as they did most nights and fell asleep.

December, 30 1823 Kayden’s birthday.
It was midnight. Kayden and Delila were still fast asleep in each others arms. Then suddenly the coffin was ripped open by a riot of the townsfolk and the only thing Kayden saw was a flash of blood and a big silver dagger and his one and only love was taken from him. In her last “I love you.” Kaydens eyes went Black with rage. He jumped from the coffin and killed everything that breathed. His ravenous hunger for revenge had led him to the town where the wife’s and children awaited the return of their husbands. Kayden tore through body after body, killing women and children down to the last person alive. Then he set fire to the whole village.

December, 26 Present day
Kayden awoke to nothing but his own screams, as he did most nights. He had grown nocturnal and a hatred of the sun that he once loved had grown in his heart. He stepped out of his coffin and walked into his study which was a small room in the west tower of his mansion He sat at his desk and looked at all of the books on the shelf that she used to read. He got up and looked out the large window that overlooked the snow covered lawn. He had mourned her for two centuries. Longing to forget yet unable to…

one of my favorite RP starter ((VAMPIRE MANSION))>>

"] <Victor Vandorn

Victor Vandorn paced Back and forth in the west tower of his mansion in deep thought. It was snowing heavily outside and the pond in the front was frozen solid. Victor looked at the snow beginning to layer itself on the lawn. He put his hand on the large window and his hand left no fogg on the window. His regular body temperature was usualy around 30.5 degrees, which was close to the temperature outside.
Victor was tall, about 6 4" and he wore a suit ((like in the picture)) but didnt bother to tuck in his shirt or button his sleeve cuffs. His hair was as white as the snow on the ground and a bit shaggy. There was a large blood stain on his right shoulder from his last feeding, which wasnt long ago. Infact, the woman he fed on was now laying on the sofa sleeping. She would wake in an hour or so and she wouldnt remember a thing.
There were deep dark circles under his eyes, which made him look like he was wearing makeup. In truth, he was tired of existing. He was over 500 years old and he had never felt true companionship from any woman that he ever came in contact with. He sighed heavily and continued with his thoughts.


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