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Pitch The Nightmare King


Last Login: 09/25/2017 7:14 pm

Location: Under Your Bed

Birthday: 11/18/1990

Occupation: King Of Nightmares

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Things about the real me

-I LOVE Roleplaying and not just RTOG so just contact me for any other types
-I also RP with OCs if their are well written
-I am a girl in RL my name is Stephanie
-I`m 25 years old
-Full time collage student
-I am a hard core gamer
-Huge time Otaku though I don`t watch as much anime as much as I would like
-Love random friend request
-Men Dew is my life
-Film student
-animation student
-Old time Gaian
-I play zOmg a LOT
-i-Kabibles is my wifu
-Pitchys Little Nightmare Is My Whore
☐ Single ☐ Taken ☑ Grey Warden
-03.31.07 Is my Gaiaversary

My bio

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villan
-Pitch Black

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Biographical Information

Full Name Pitch Black
Alias The Boogeyman
Other Name(s) Kozmotis Pitchiner (formerly)
Home Unnamed lair
Occupation King of Nightmares
Morality Good (formerly) Evil

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Relative(s) Mother Nature (daughter)
Minions Dream Pirates, Fearlings, Nightmare Men, Nightmares
Enemies The Guardians, Ombric, Nightlight, Katherine, The Man in the Moon

Powers and Abilities

Power(s) Magic, turning children into Fearlings, possessing animals and inanimate objects, turning dreams into nightmares
Weakness(es) Daylight (Flashlights DO NOT hurt him...Yes i mean you Jack)
Equipment Bow and arrow, scythe

Pitch has various shadow powers, such as traversing great distances through shadows, become a shadow, and affect the physical world by interacting with other shadows.

He can create Fearlings, which are Nightmares shaped as dark horeses/mares with golden eyes.

He has his own version of the Sandman's Dream Sand, but Pitch's sand is black and induces bad dreams. He can corrupt Sandy's dream sand as well as any pleasant dream a child is having, turning those dreams themselves into nightmares. Pitch also has the ability to morph his black sand into weapons such as a scythe or a bow and arrow.

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Pitch is everything a child fears, and he thrives on the fear of children, taking a cruel delight in turning their pleasant dreams into nightmares. But what Pitch hates is when children overcome their fears and don't believe in him, particularly when parents tell their kids that the boogeyman is just a bad dream.
As such, he is hatefully jealous of the Guardians, who are believed in and beloved by children. Eventually, his hate and jealously would convinve him to undertake a conspiring vendetta against the Guardians and destroy the children's beliefs in them, and he could usher in another Dark Age.

Pitch however does have a sad side, as he has suffered loneliness and being shunned just for being what he is, something he thought made Jack Frost similar to himself

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Background History:

Pitch had once been a hero of the Golden Age, an ancient time when Constellations ruled the universe. His name in those days long ago was General Kozmotis Pitchiner, and he had led the Golden Age Armies in capturing the Fearlings and Dream Pirates who plagued that era. These villains were wily creatures of darkness. He had the duty then to keep them confined in the prisons never to be set free into the world keeping the Guardians and everyone else safe. But as years passed he wavered. He just wanted to see his daughter, he carried a locket with a picture of her on his being at all times and glanced at it all the time when feeling pushed to his limits. Then, one day, the Fearlings played a trick on him after slowly draining him of the stoic man he once was. They mimicked his daughter asking for her father to help her escape the darkness, that she was scared, that he should open the door. Pitchner went into a trance and opened the door for them knowing his daughter wasn’t there. When they escaped, they devoured the general’s soul becoming a part of him, and from that moment on he hungered for the dreams of innocent children and was known simply as “Pitch.” He was determined to drain the good from dreams until they became nightmares—every last one of them—so that the children of Earth and then other worlds would live in terror.

His mind and heart had been so twisted with thoughts of vengeance, he sought to destroy the Golden Age by turning all good dreams into nightmares. He plundered planets, extinguished stars and stole every dream he came across, leaving only misery and despair in his wake. He hungered for children's dreams the most, since they were pure of heart, and even turned some children into Fearlings. But he had planned a different fate for the Lunanoff Prince, who never had a nightmare: Pitch would turn the infant into his Prince of Nightmares. To flee him, the Lunanoff family set sail for Earth but he managed to track them down,only to be defeated by Nightlight, the prince's guardian, in a huge explosion. Pitch and Nightlight vanished without a trace, but the Man in the Moon's parents were killed instantaneously.

The thing is, the Fearlings literally becoming a part of him made him go insane and forget everything about who he was before. He doesn’t recall his daughter, or the prison, or literally keeping everyone safe. All he knows is fear, and seeing that he has lived for centuries we asume she is dead now and he wouldn’t even care because he doesn’t remember her. BUT, she is in fact alive and is actually Mother Nature now and he doesn’t even know, and even if he did find out we’re not even sure if he could bring himself back enough to care. It’s just sad that he may never see his daughter again who he cared for most of all.

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Oh, I thought I heard the clippity-clop of a unicorn!

And your fear... Is quite intoxicating.

What a pretty little nightmare.

You can't kill fear, Jack.

You didn't expect me to stay
in the dark forever... did you?

What an adorable dream. What's more powerful? It's fear.

I'd say "pleasant dreams"... but there aren't any left!

The darkness doesn't controll me, I controll it.

Oh, go suck an egg, rabbit.

Maybe I want what you have, to be believed in. Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds!

I do know what it's like to be cast out, to not be believed in! To long for... a family... All those years in the shadows, I thought no one else knows what this feels like... but now I see I was wrong.

We don't have to be alone, Jack.

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Day 2753 of Night Guard (The final journal entry of General Kozmotis Pitchiner)

The Fearlings have won. I have no strength left to resist their tantalizing trickery. If anyone comes by this journal, please, don’t let my daughter know what I have become. Tell her… I died valiantly.

I pray to the Guardians, please, protect my daughter and all the other children to come into the world, from the evils of the world. Including me.

I don’t have much time left… They’re here for me—

I should hate you for what you've done to me.....but how can I.....even as you stand ready to tear my world apart.....I can't hate you, I could never hate you....I want to hold you....I want to feel you in my arms because I know......this is the only way to mend my wounded heart.
((Art by ~ladydeadpooly ))


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Princess Arcee Report | 09/25/2017 9:52 pm
Princess Arcee
Discord is a messaging thing like skype, only better imho. It was made by gamers who wanted something that runs lighter on comps than skype. It's really nice and is great for rp. Once I got used to discord, I immediately uninstalled skype and haven't gone back! And- I'm always always down for rp. I'm almost always on gaia- if I'm awake, I'm online. Got lots of health problems and all, so I don't have a job, so I'm nearly always here. And if not on this account, then a mule. ....I've got roughly close to 20 accounts, but only really focus on 2 of em. I'm also a gaia oldhat, been here since bout early 2004. :3
Princess Arcee Report | 09/25/2017 7:56 pm
Princess Arcee
I think it's just a bit of the rp community in general on gaia is dying.
Every time I try to look for rp, the ONLY responses I get are from either-
A) people who are trying to get my skype/discord
B) people who are clearly looking to cyber, or
C) people who tell me they have no idea about the series I'm looking for rp of, but they'll rp with me :I

And I just- weh. This account itself was made as a rp mule but then the friend who was supposed to rp with me, she... well... we had a massive falling out, to put it kindly. So this account soon became my main. I have a select few people I rp with sometimes on gaia, but most are too busy to rp. I try to search for rp in the rp forums and all, but it's just... a hot mess and I can never find anything that interests me. I have a friend on Discord who rp's as bunnymund and he has a gaia account, but he never ever ever logs in :c
Princess Arcee Report | 09/25/2017 4:16 pm
Princess Arcee
It shocked me, too! And it's only people who are cosplay/rp accounts and I just- I don't understand.
I mean, for example, I gift-bombed a guy who was a rp account for one of the guys from the Host Club anime and he sent me a pm asking me why I was gifting him and then asked if I wanted the gifts back and I just.... they're gifts???
So confusing, lol!
I'm glad you like the gifts and I'll be keeping my eyes on your wishlist razz
Also- Pitch was my favorite from that movie, lol
Princess Arcee Report | 09/25/2017 3:56 pm
Princess Arcee
I'm just glad you like them-
I've had.... weird people... get angry when I giftbomb them and I'm just like.... wat?
I tend to giftbomb people with nice cosplays/good rp'ers and it would shock you how many people get rude/aggressive over getting gifts
the toon hero Report | 09/25/2017 12:36 pm
  the toon hero
thanks bro
Princess Arcee Report | 09/24/2017 11:33 pm
Princess Arcee
You're very much welcome~
Katherine Your Gaurdain Report | 09/24/2017 10:17 pm
Katherine Your Gaurdain
just wanna get ur opinion about the about me pls got something for randy avi
Katherine Your Gaurdain Report | 09/24/2017 10:14 pm
Katherine Your Gaurdain
couldnt sleep so working on the about me Skype?
Leader Mizuki Report | 09/24/2017 10:13 pm
Leader Mizuki
It's still my favourite movie out there, man, no competition.
I'll see what I can do in so little time-
Katherine Your Gaurdain Report | 09/24/2017 10:10 pm
Katherine Your Gaurdain
lols translating it love you

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★Clearly we need to set a few rules before you start to mess things up~ ★


① No begging I am not one to give out items to people for free.
②I am willing to hold an item until you can pay for it.
Will trade items so we don`t need to go though the whole 5% tax nonsense.
④No returns. You bought it so you are stuck with it.
⑤If you have any complaints then my fearlings will take them and then tear you limb from limb.
⑥I tend to sell items for cheap DO NOT ask for a lower price.
⑦Sometimes I am willing to trade items for other items but not usually.
⑧ You will not cry, or whine, or laugh, or giggle, or sneeze or barf or fart! No annoying sounds.
⑨I will not serve Guardians so you might as well leave now.
⑩Get your sh*t and GET OUT. That is all now leave.


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