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Friday, the 12 of April

This is an introductory letter for Pirell DeFoge, the Heir of Briarwood. This abridge memoir of the inventor's life contains basic information, a biography of sorts, and his latest going-ons.

Pirell-Sideon DeFoge is the ex-electoral fate for Briarwood, one of the smallest yet wealthiest provinces on Quarr. It lies North of jungle-like Keldun, yet never meets the Blue Vein that connects middle Quarr with Pathego's ports. He is the only son of Makon Sirioku, the hero of the Newphorian Revolution, and Cirecess the Sorcerer, a famed celestial wizard. From the start of his life he has faced trial, with the Newphorian Revolution underway right after his birth, his Father had to go away to fight.

With Makon gone, Cirecess struggled to keep the DeFoge mansion and family steady. At the age of 10, Pirell was forced into a pseudo-right of passing, having to slay a small beast with a lance. After failing to lift the heavy weapon, Cirecess went into a rage and threw him against the stairs, crippling him to the point where he could no longer use his legs. He was then sent to Eveglion as the Electoral Fate representing Briarwood, finding comfort amongst his chosen companions.

After the Newphorian Revolution ended, Pirell was exiled by Chark Gerock of Pydri and began wheeling himself East. He soon arrived on Gaia's shores, finding the Guild of Hunters to run with. He know serves the people of Gaia by hunting night terrors of all kinds, dealing punishment with extreme determination to finish a hunt once it has started.

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