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Hi, it's Becki! ^^ I have many nicknames... *shrug* No surprise there, with all my middle names, and weird habits. ^^ I'm 17... in high school and hating it... and looking foreward to college. Anime/manga, Pirates of the Caribbean, flipping, video games are all awesome. Flipping is awesome - it feels like flying. Man, I wish I had a trampoline... stunts contests are pretty sweet!!!!! ^^ *grin*

My friends are great. They're the only reason I go to school... >.> TOTALLY wrong attitude, but hey, it happens. Not like attitude much matters anyways, seeing as I'm doing fine in school. Man, I love ranting to myself. ^_^

Like, the other day, I read in my physics text book, "This is known as the 'ideal gas law'. It's called the 'ideal' gas law because real gases, in fact, do not behave this way." THEN IT'S NOT A FRIGGIN' LAW! Therefore, I believe science is a bunch of bs. ^_^

Here are some amazing quotes said by me and my friends:

Lee: don't let the night terrors make you wake up screaming with a cold sweat
Lee: hahha
Me: thanks, that's... sweet?
Lee: you're welcome

Catherine: You're so heartless! You're like the TINMAN!

Lee: You're pretty much Anti-Pathetic.
Me: hahaha. Thank you. ^_^ But what makes you say that though? O.o'
Lee: I dunno. You are.
Me: hahaha. Thank you. ^_^
Lee: You're a girl, and you open your own pickle jars.

Lee: nein
Lee: I'm set
Lee: meine Fuehrer

Ryan: nm just cold
Me: same!
Me: But
Me: I'm always cold
Ryan: haha and dark

Catherine: do really want to read about your own death anyway bella?
Kinz: her? Of course she does
Me: Sure, why not?
Me: I wanna see how much of a bang I make when I do kick the bucket, hahaha
Kinz: lol

Lee: We got wasted and burned down a Walmart
Lee: and you did backflips
Lee: all over the place
Lee: While I did donuts in the parking lot
Lee: without a license
Lee: with a car that wasn't mine
Lee: I have pictures

"Becki, if I tried to get inside your head and follow your train of thought, I'd die." - Catherine

"When psychologists look at me, they go: MONEY..."

Actually, I think it was our negative influence that made Emily this way. Wait... I wasn't this way until I met you either!" -Frances

"Sure, it's funny now, but it'll be even funnier when you pass out." -Ian

"Good. Now Mr. Riegert will know that you pay attention, and that I'm a stalker."

"You were the one stupid enough to befriend me."

"That's the problem these days - everyone has too much compassion."

Catherine: Catherine Alexandra Gaggioli
Catherine: is a pretty impressive name
Lee: the humility is overwhelming

Me to Chels: I will spear him with my bow... And his blood will be my rosen!

Me: Leeeeeeee...... I feel..... fullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll........
Lee: You could do a Taco Bell commercial.

Me: TELL ME! Pleassssssssse? *innocent smile*
Catherine: -_- That innocent smile is something from Hell. Why would I give into that?

Catherine: I have a cold heart.
Lee: Yeah, you do. =(
Me: Then what do I have? o.o


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skat3rfreak Report | 04/14/2008 3:55 pm
queen_Mae Report | 04/10/2008 9:23 pm
the add and that your nice.
queen_Mae Report | 04/06/2008 4:54 pm
thank you
Mariko Asuka Report | 02/04/2008 3:50 pm
Mariko Asuka
if u send this to 12 peoples and then press ctrl+w than you will get 40000gg it REALLY works
Cabbyl Report | 10/28/2007 7:53 am
Hey! Speak to you soon! ^^



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