Yo. emotion_yatta

Please do not let my high sales number fool you: I regularly turn over my inventory to get newer items I want, and I am not ponying up the GC to buy. I am not a vender/flipper: I am a Gaian with evolving avatar tastes.

I am willing to entertain reasonable offers on my items (5% off will gladly be accepted, and offers with items in them will be considered), so do not be afraid to PM. I am questing too, so please do not try to offer me seriously low amounts. I find it rude. (I do not respond well to being told how to sell my items; if you feel the need to PM me in regards to this...please refrain. I refuse to participate in inflation pushes and price fixing. If you hate my prices, you can purchase my item and resell at what you find appropriate. ;] )

Also, no begging PMs, mmmkay?


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