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Mokoni Report | 10/21/2016 9:05 am
That sounds super painful gonk hope you feel better soon emotion_bigheart
Mokoni Report | 10/20/2016 9:05 pm
How do you dislocate a toe?! That sounds painful :C
I Flavour of Life I Report | 10/16/2016 1:29 pm
That RBG cleared out some of my wishlist today crying !!
renahk Report | 10/14/2016 7:10 am
that's a great one yes, i voted for that. didn't spent much time just about 5mins yesterday with voting but i didn't seen that first thing. interesting is the nicest i can say about it too..but in my leanguage it's not sure that means a good thing, don't know how about that in english. the worst part of runway is the voting system i think cause too much depends on your luck - how many times your avi was visible....i hope they will do something about that but how i know gaia just one more year at least and it will be done lol
renahk Report | 10/14/2016 3:51 am
gosh, a half-gold red winning entry is not fishy at all - for me it's hard to call backgrounds with a bloody neck thing avatar but it's surely my fault rofl and one of their other entries in just desserts made it to first page (didn't won anything but still..13pages...and another is in the top3) when it's not really in theme and the person knew that too rolleyes i started to think some of the biggest cheaters are posting there to cover the cheating so it's their playground where they can look like innocent ones - i don't think they can earn this much symphaty votes when i know how many ppl tipped my latest post (too)....sad enough nobody had the courage to stand next to me there so yeah, their playground. they just ignore everyone who disagree with them and don't adore their avatars so they can keep their playground. i wouldn't be any surprised if that 2nd placed mule in the desserts would be their acc too.
well all in all i see that clearly the best is to not go there...and to learn that f***** biochemistry instead of annoy myself here with these kids emotion_facepalm
i can just hope once they will leave so others will be able to find runway and those threads entertaining too...but they seems too greedy for that.
renahk Report | 10/13/2016 1:05 pm
awwww, your new profile is really lovely! Thanks for being here emotion_hug hope my english was almost correct (but i bet it wasn't) lol
sorry for being this late, i played LK and talked with fince. i'm about giving up the communication there cause all i find is closed ears and a very closed 'community'. going there is everything but not entertaining. there are surely cheaters some times but not always when not their avatars are the bests....i wish more ppl could have the courage or whatever they need to post there cause all the others like us will just avoid with time to post there anything.
I Flavour of Life I Report | 10/06/2016 8:46 pm
So I found out the eyes were not a leak... xd Gaia got us goooood
I'll consider it a hint to "a thing to come" though!
I Flavour of Life I Report | 10/06/2016 11:40 am

I also hope it won't be much longer until it's released ninja Neeeeeed itttttt.
I Flavour of Life I Report | 10/06/2016 11:23 am
I caved and got it, cuz I'm bad crying

I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE!!! Nice catch wink I wonder if anyone in the GCD will catch that leak too?
Kumikya Report | 10/06/2016 6:25 am
thank u!
it's from quenched by war. yum_puddi


There's not much to say about me, I guess. I'm 30-something, been married since March 2OO3, and am a mother twice over. I have been a Gaian since February 2OO4. You may see me out in the Charity or GCD.

Warning: I heard Teal Deer and step on toes. It's not intentional; I fail at clear communication and tend to be direct.

If you need to know more about me:

❥ I am a ♀ INTP. We're fairly uncommon.
❥ I have pink hair (don't care).
❥ My spirit animal is Grumpy Cat: I am small, cute, and grumpy as ********.
❥ I have two crazy Shiba Inus. If I were an animal, that is most likely what I would be.
❥ I am a Knitter, Spinner, and Indie-yarn dyer. I also have a weekly fiber podcast.
❥ I have a Washi Tape obsession and love stationary/office supplies. They were my first love.
❥ No anime or manga will ever replace Sailor Moon for me.
❥ But these days I prefer American comics and really love Puppycat and Bee.
❥ I do not feel guilty about the lengths I go to make avatars here.
❥ My favorite color schemes on Gaia are Off-chrome, Seabreeze, Lavender Honey, Stagony/Cursed, Pastille/Sherbet/Pastel Rainbow, and anything that uses Miori Brown or peach.
❥ I am unapologetic about my love of "animal girl" avatars. I like to be a cat, a deer, a bear, a squirrel...deal with it.
❥ I have celiac.
❥ I am an aspiring sewist. I am also a quilter and a cross-stitcher. I'm crafty.
❥ I pretend to be an artist from time to time.
❥ I prefer to read non-fiction and am incredibly picky about my fiction reads.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

UPDATE: I obtained my Bunny Slippers on 20 October 2006 after more then 2 1/2 years of questing! Thank you to everyone who helped; I couldn't have done it without you. ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I had hoped this would go without saying, but I do not accept random friends requests: I usually do not accept them after talking to you once or twice either. Sorry, nothing personal. I'm not into collecting friends.

And if you're curious about the Old Lady ™ behind the avatar, here you go:

Some favorite Quotations:

"Tradition: Just because you've always done it that way, doesn't mean it isn't stupid." -Unknown

"People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought, which they avoid." -Soren Kierkegaard

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.” -M Thatcher

“I myself have never been able to find out what feminism is; I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute.”-Rebecca West

"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.” -Richard Dawkins

INTP Prayer: "Lord", help me be less independent, but let me do it my way.