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Hello! I'm Piper, or Pip, if you prefer.

I'm nineteen, currently serving as my town's sexiest pizza delivery girl.
(I can say that if I'm the only one, yeah?)

I used to be a grammar nazi, but tumblr kind of killed that, mkay?

I'm extremely right-brained, which means I'm really childish and kind of weird.
This makes me really obnoxious at times, especially if I'm around my sisters and friends.

I like drawing and role-playing, though I've been s**t at both lately.

I like singing, and do a lot of that.

I spend far too much time lurking in the CB.

I'm a Nerdighter and a Whovian, and make far too many geeky references.

I think that covers a lot, but if you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments!