I got expensive taste... oh, well... guess I better save up!!

avi art by N8y

ok as for me having an about me... not going to happen... like i would make it that ******** easy to find out about me on my profile. nobody really knows me that well... so if you came to my profile to find an about me... move on!!

<--- art by Old Grumpy Cat

Quest = wishlist.

I took some time away from gaia

Im not the same girl you used to know!!

I had over 130 friends… I got rid of most of them.
Get over it if I didn’t keep you.

he can eat me slowly any day!!


Special thanks goes to StrawberryTea for original profile layout!!

emotion_smilies/icon_zombie.png It's all fun and games until someone get bit!!emotion_smilies/icon_zombie.png

by Not Yer Waifu

avi art by Letta

thanks Tayeko!! for my 1st avi art!!

for avi art like this ^ click here


nobody better mess with my comp! DAMMIT!!

dont i look pretty??


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Pinkys Personal Blog!!

this will mostly have avi art in it!! if i post something other than that... i was in a mood... then im sure its not worth anyones time to read!! maybe i will post things that are funny to me!! who knows!!



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Blast Off For The Moon

Report | 03/31/2015 10:41 pm

Blast Off For The Moon

Hey there sexy. redface

Report | 03/29/2015 1:35 am


heart *Hugz* Lil' Sis! emotion_hug

Report | 03/26/2015 12:02 pm


Yes there are definitely greedy ones and they take it way too seriously
I mean it isn't always about that right?
And I am happy to have you as a friend now
I gotta go to lunch now but we will definitely talk again soon heart

Report | 03/26/2015 11:56 am


your welcome and no worries
It takes me forever too to make an avi
Glad you found the alleycat as awesome as I did
and yes the mp is scary
why does everything cost so much?

Report | 03/26/2015 11:36 am


I know it is awesome right
and I sorta found it by accident
thought it was a haircutting item but thought
I need this in my life

Report | 03/26/2015 11:21 am


Hi yes I have been your zombie stripper very cool and I found an item that might cut the zombie shirt called attiitude alleycat
try on the shirt and see if the scissors cut the shirt the way you like
This one I want to own, I just found it so try to see if it would work

Report | 03/25/2015 7:41 pm


your welcome and of course you are my favorite zombie love your avis
Blast Off For The Moon

Report | 03/24/2015 8:35 pm

Blast Off For The Moon

I am alright, pm me when you get back perhaps?
Blast Off For The Moon

Report | 03/24/2015 7:48 pm

Blast Off For The Moon

Hey again.

Report | 01/29/2015 12:14 pm


twisted Really liking the New Avi there, Lil' Sis! emotion_zombie