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I never put an about me here before lol. my last username was greasy leg (now used for a mule account) so my nickname is sometimes greasy, which I'm ok with :p you can also call me pinky or pomp or mimi if you want a more realistic name. I like to draw so I hang out in the art shops/freebies a lot. I also go to word games but I am not a writer. my responses are mostly random and not part of a character XD I like anime/manga of course and my favorites are one piece, ashita no joe, and kill la kill. I play games too, mainly acnl at the moment.

I usually just lurk so I am not a conversationalist, not really lol. however I do like to talk about similar interests, and I like getting to know people I have talked to before. I have friend requests blocked, but if we have spoken before and you want to friend me, just ask and I'll send you a request :D

thanks to the anon who gifted me murder la murder (:

art by Ciizeur
check out more avi art I've received here

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