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A Bit About Me

Hello! You can either call me Custard, Tubby, or by my real name which is Emma . I am a cat fan, book lover, diet pepsi addict, pansexual, and 18. I have two bamboo plants, Po and Q, and two cats called Zack and Odetta. I'm an avid convention-goer and Superwholock is amazing. I strive to make others happy when they're feeling down and I'm a huge fan of How To Train Your Dragon. I could probably talk about it endlessly. I collect stuffed animals and I'm always open for an adventure. Give me a slice of pumpkin pie and I'll love you forever (you'll discover that the quickest way to my heart is through pumpkin flavored things.) I love random PMs and I'm always happy to make new friends and help others out. So don't be shy! Well, that's all for now. Custard over and out!

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