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Beyond Imagiination on 07/22/2014
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Nice Thighs on 07/22/2014
metallicute on 07/20/2014
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About Knickers!

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Hey stalkers, weirdos, freaks, boys, girls, whatever you noobs are.
I'm Pink Squee.
You can call me Pinky, Knickers, or if you're really weird, my real name Mia. :3
I'm usually not on gaia a lot because of school and the sports I play.
But when I am, you will usually find me rping in guilds, or simply hanging out my idiot friends.
Now I would tell you more about me but . . .
I'm a little too lazy for all that.
And I know what you're thinking, "This is an 'About Me' you're supposed to!"
But don't judge me kay?
You may be abused if you do! ..
Just kidding.
I wouldn't do that...
But anyway.. add me, I absolutely love new friends.
Make my social circle bigger!
You know you want to.
M'kay bye!

Pink Squee
Nice Thighs
Beyond Imagiination
Mutual Friends

The only little shits on gaia that I love <3

Tu es muy feo ;3

Hi there..

Tee hee adios!