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Welcome to Egypt Dragon Halloween!

Look and see if you like something! Please do not mind the mummy that look like it ready to eat you and dust that came gaia sandy desert. Also, dont mind me when cast a spell or making a new potions, however that doesnt mean I wont notice you! cat_biggrin They are all mostly low preices! I wish I could tell you all indaivual thank you for buying, but I have many things that I must use my magic like kill some monsters so that you can come to my store more often and not be eaten! Thank you for coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, if any of you are interest to donate gofusion charms, Im trying get some items and some I want more than one of.
Just send a pm so that I know otherwise I will cancel it because well I dont do random trades that pop out of nowhere.

Here a list that I trying to get and make sure to update:
[Animal] Matsuri Kitsunebi
3x Lady Hanabi

Please, dont pm me. I set items as low price that I can.


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