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Pinji is...:

•A monster boy who is very shy and super scatterbrained.
•Usually wandering around Gaia in [Animal] form, but may be seen (by rare chance) as a human.
•A lurker. Because of being shy, I usually just lurk around the GCD or Paws forum.
•A Gamer. (These are my favorites: Gods Eater Burst, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Skyrim, NieR, Suikoden, Dragon's Dogma, Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, Okami/Okami-den, Borderlands 2, Animal Crossing... annnnd a lot more I'm forgetting to list.)
•A total pile of happy goo when it comes to axolotls. (Currently has two: Squidy and Lemon) ...I think bats, lizards and snakes are pretty awesome too. smilies/icon_heart.gif


Yo! As you can see, my 'about me' stinks. If you would like to really get
to know me, let's be friends and talk about random stuff! It would be much better than reading this crummy about me thing. o v o


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