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Hey! Welcome to my profile!
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Pinji is...:

•A monster boy who is very shy and super scatterbrained.

•A lurker. Because of being shy, I usually just lurk around the GCD or Paw Forum.

•Mostly wandering about as a Paw. Sometimes I switch though! ouo

•A level 10 alchemist! Need something crafted? Feel free to send me a PM!

•A person who plays games too much. (These are a handful of games I reaaally like: Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Gods Eater, Fantasy Life, Skyrim, NieR, Undertale, Suikoden, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, Splatoon, Persona, OFF, Okami/Okami-den, Super Smash Brothers, Rune Factory, Animal Crossing... annnnd a lot more I'm forgetting to list.)

•A total pile of happiness when it comes to axolotls, newts/salamanders/lizards and sea slugs. At the moment, I have an axolotl named Squidy (Rest in peace, Lemon, my other axolotl. T^T). ...I also have a leopard gecko, two cats and two dogs. heart


Aye! As you can see, my 'about me' stinks. If you would like to really get to know me, let's be friends and talk about random stuff! It would be much better than reading this crummy about me thing. o v o