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Throm ka, warrior!
I'm Ana Cassandra in real life. You can call me Ping or Cassie. I got my username from one of the Counter-Strike bots named ping of death.

I studied Media Arts at University of the Philippines Mindanao. I'm currently taking up MA in Literature at USEP. I speak English, Bisaya, Tagalog, Surigaonon and a little bit of Ilonggo.

You'll find me at GCD and Books. I sometimes lurk or post at SF, AMC, Gaia International and VGD too if I'm not playing zOMG! or BG.

This is me and my boyfriend, Demon_Forevergress. We've been together for since 2005. He's the culprit who got me into Gaia.

My three younger sisters are also here on Gaia.

I have many passions. I write, draw and dance. I love taking landscape photos, watching anime and movies, reading books and journals, writing, listening to different kinds of music, and playing video games (mostly shooters, puzzles, rts, platform). I'm interested in so many things from philosophy to theatre arts. I'm especially into mythology, anthropology and pre-history and history.

I'm not into sports but I'm a dancer. I played table tennis when I was younger and joined school tournaments.

I'm a huge Tim Duncan fan. I adore Dean Koontz and I have most of his books. I'm also a fan of the Malazan books by Steven Erikson and Ian Esselmont. As for anime, just look at the interests box. I love video games too.

Check out my Blogger and LJ if you'd like to see some of my works.

I have a small circle of great friends in real life and my sisters are my best friends. I'm also the silent type. Though I'm not really shy, I don't usually start the conversation first. I'm also positive and relaxed about most things and how I deal with other people but strict when it comes to myself.

I like guys' stuff, even clothing so you'll probably rarely see my avi wearing a skirt or dress.

If you wanna know more about me feel free to comment. Thanks!


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heart Thanks for the purchase heart
Kotoni-chan Peperomia

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Kotoni-chan Peperomia

Thanks for buying~ heart
Chase Hannibal

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Chase Hannibal

Ahhh.. Ok na po :3 Nakapag load na ako gamit MOL points smile salamat
Chase Hannibal

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Chase Hannibal

San makakabili ng Gaia Cash cards dito sa Davao?

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Just like you! heart
Spirit Reborn

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Spirit Reborn

Spirit Reborn

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Spirit Reborn

Hello~ c:
Kamusta ka?
It's great to see another Filipina : )
I couldn't help but notice that you speak different Filipino languages. Good stuff.
I can understand tagalog but can't form it into long sentences xD; only if I really put my mind into it that I can.
I really want to learn more language. I figured German would be a good start since they say it's a sister language to English.
Do you have other languages you want to learn in the future? Or just really like in general?

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You'r welcome!
I saw your music! I love to listen Disturbed and S.O.A.D. too! And I'm a huge fan of FMA! blaugh
Rolly Polly Holly

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Rolly Polly Holly

LOVE LOVE LOVE your avi!
Fashionably Late Bloomer

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Fashionably Late Bloomer

Awesome and creative avi