Old Man Version:

My name is a palindrome.
I am an undergraduate college student.
As of May 14th 2012, I am the oldest of four. Four is my unlucky/most hated number.
I love drag queens.
My favorite flowers are Sunflowers and Jade Roses.
I love the taste of chocolate. ♥
I tend to overuse text emoticons...they're just so fun! xD
Citrus fruits, such as pineapple, tangerines and grapefruits are my favorites (aside from mangoes and peaches.)
I'm fairly sure I have SAD; Seasonal Affective Disorder. Basically I feel very different on sunny days vs. overcast days. Of course, I live in a place where it rains about nine months of the year.
I have a Holland Lop bunny named Latte and a Chineranian dog named Derp (full named Ganonderp.)
Dolls, statues, mannequins, etc. with realistic faces terrify me. I hate confusing anything for a human that is not.
I'm still scared of the dark. :C
I hope to one day help people and maybe be a foster parent.

I'm an avid player of video games, including; The Legend of Zelda series, Bioshock series, Mass Effect series, Harvest Moon series, and many more. I pretty much like any type of game, but I think my least favorite are Strategy RPGs. Geek out with me, I don't have many gamer friends. C:<

Kayuri-Chan remade this picture. ;D

My favorite thread, and my threads:
Monkey Toes

We draw for fun, for you!



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Things are fun to blab out.

Here's a bunch of random things that feel good to type for fun, and I'd also hope that I might make friends here too. Well, anyway, I'm bored... Mostly used for me freaking out.



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Yo, wanna marry a dinosaur?
Holy Bonanza

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Holy Bonanza

Vocaloid Kaito 00-01

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Vocaloid Kaito 00-01

hiii how have you been?
l Code Donut l

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l Code Donut l

hmm.. for some reason the youtube video didn't show.. well.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-Nkb19vEXE is the link.. haha
l Code Donut l

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l Code Donut l

haha thought of you guys. xD
Flaming Vortex

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Flaming Vortex

Hiya Pika! What's up :3
Flaming Vortex

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Flaming Vortex

Hey Pika, what's up? :3
Flaming Vortex

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Flaming Vortex

Lol it's alright 3nodding Finally on Summer Vacation, and ready for E3 next week!!!! XD
Flaming Vortex

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Flaming Vortex

Okay so, I know I'm late on saying this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! biggrin

Sorry for saying it 2 days later >.<
The Omnitrix King

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The Omnitrix King

Happy birthday redface