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Oh..Someone is on my profile..Bad Idea. I'm no good. Better turn back now, You wont like me much if at all, So why bother with it?

Haiiiii, Im sammie.i is 21,irish-german, Christian, Pansexual Asexual. . .taken~I has aspergers.Anxiety and social anxiety. im easily stressed,jelous,and paranoid and always nervous about something.. I am inmature, and not that smart, i can be selfish, greedy and sometimes a terrible person. Im inpatient, and i have a shopping addicition ive been told.I act like a child most of the time and i refuse to grow up fully. I dont have a job, i dont want a job, i dislike people and have anger issues. I hurt people, people hurt me, im a mess. Im disliked by many and loved by few. Im picky. And recently became untrusting. Im not good at many things. Im lazy, and im not all that pretty, i dislike talking on the phone much, and i get sick often.

My life is one big cluster of random issues that i have, so i doubt if you have read this far you like me anymore. But if you still do, well then Hello. Go ahead ant talk to me. Im sure you wont like me for long.

Akira is the charicter i play on here, I guess shes like me in some ways, and in others shes how i wish i could be. shes not to sure of herself,but people tend to think shes adorable and so they like her.Shes pretty shy, And tries to avoid contact with strangers if she can. She likes kittys and unicorns and pink. she,like me,loves cuddles and huggles and snuggles because they are the best things ever, She is generally a very happy, smiley person, but she can be hurt or embaressed easily.


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Cupkakes journal

Stuff about my life i may post ocasinolay.but more then that ill be posting the calvary daily scriptures and stuff for you to read.


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ItsVladimirMyDear Report | 01/11/2013 1:49 pm
Hello there Amy, how are you doing? It's been a long time since we have last had a chat. I must tell you all about my recent adventures as a plumber. I became a plumber a couple months ago, it's quite pleasurable.
ItsVladimirMyDear Report | 08/16/2012 1:25 pm
Hello, it's me Vladimir,

My distant cousin told me to make some friends, so I came to Gaia searching for some. I saw your avatar and decided to speak to you.
If I get the chance, I must tell you all about my family tree and how well I am at dancing to Swedish folk music. Please return my request and
become my Gaia friend. Before I go, I must put my favorite phrase as my signature down below:

"Si victus, quod edam."

Good day,

- Vladimir
starry night-163 Report | 06/12/2012 8:22 pm
starry night-163
Hey!!! biggrin I'm happy to hear from you! biggrin heart it has been so long! How are you? ^^
ItsVladimirMyDear Report | 05/27/2012 12:06 am
Sometimes I believe Cheetos are naturally purple...but someone told me they are really orange. Oh how I was disappointed... stare
starry night-163 Report | 10/05/2011 2:33 pm
starry night-163
haha thanks smile
starry night-163 Report | 10/05/2011 2:26 pm
starry night-163
Hmm... if you were here I'd show because I'm bad at explaining XD
starry night-163 Report | 10/05/2011 2:21 pm
starry night-163
Ok n I didn't think I was of much help haha I just wanted to help I guess, it's all for our savior though mrgreen
starry night-163 Report | 10/05/2011 2:17 pm
starry night-163
No, that's ok smile but thank you I wouldn't know what to pick anyways haha I'm just weird like that because I just like items, I don't really have a dream avi or anything haha, I guess I just like to have them for when I might need them n because they look cool blaugh
starry night-163 Report | 10/05/2011 1:59 pm
starry night-163
I think I will
starry night-163 Report | 10/05/2011 1:47 pm
starry night-163
OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Ok now I get it lol I was all lost n confused XD n yeah that's true you always could use more for something lol


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