Hello all. The name's picoura. You can call me pic or pico or coura or whatever floats your boat. In real life, my name is Jochebed, but I prefer being called Jaycie. I am Korean, so therefore, I am Asian. I'm fun-sized (NOT SHORT) and I have, like most typical Asians, black hair and brown eyes. My birthday is on the twenty-second of July. I live in the west-coast, and the state I live in holds Disneyland. I'm FINALLY EIGHTEEN AND GOING TO COLLEGE.

Things I love.
♥ Well, music. That's a must.
♥ I also love my adorable baby sister. Shesocute. >w< She's ready to turn four. I can talk about her all day. 8D
♥ I also love talking.
♥ And roleplaying. Especially with my favorite TinyChat group. You know who you are! ;D
♥ I like sleeping so much, it's ridiculous. I could become a billionaire if they payed people to sleep. No. Seriously.
♥ I also like art. I can't draw for life, so I love seeing beautiful art. It makes me jealous, but I still love it. c;
♥ Tekteking. I didn't even know what the heck that was until someone just got me in to it.
♥ Clothes. Hey, I'm a girl. I'm able to like clothes. I especially like high heels. YES! IT'S BECAUSE I'M FUN SIZED, ALRIGHT?
♥ Sweets. I love them sweets. Yes, this includes candy and cake and ice cream. :3
♥ Meeting new people. It's so fun! 8D
Stalking Surfing through forums.
♥ Reading manga. Recommend some to me? ;D
♥ Reading in general. I love books. :3
♥ Fighting. I will kick juur arse. ;D

Things I hate.
✗ Seafood. Hate it. I don't know why. I just do.
✗ Druggies/Alcoholics. Unless you know your limit.
✗ Questing. It's a lot harder than I though it would be. XD
✗ Bright/Light colors. I already have bad eyes. Unless you want me to personally go to your house and shoot you, don't use them.
✗ The color pink. Don't ask.
✗ Backstabbers. Long story. If you want to listen to me rant, PM me.
✗ Snow. Dad pushed me into a pile of snow and laid on top of me. Do I have to say anything else?
✗ Mosquitoes. They annoy me.
✗ Physical Pain. It hurts. I don't like getting hurt. But I can hurt you. ;D
✗ Waking up early. It sucks. I'm always half awake out the door but then I wake up to the cold air in the mornings. D;

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Human C Potion
Valkyrian Dragoon of Lalune (Braided Tresses)
Oisin\'s Blessing (Light Eyes)
The Mole
Sundae Sweets (Lips (2))
Cross My Heart
Equestrianism Fashion (Saddle Corset)
Demonic Anklets (Winged Armlets)

Madoka Magica: Mami Tomoe (Sleeves)
Mod Geisha (High Heeled Getas)
Rosa Decora (Shoe Clips)
Shiny Black Short Shorts
Demon Manifest (Pierced Tail)
Wendy\'s Care
Hanakage\'s Dance

January Dark Mythrill Halo
Rapturous Union (Head Horn)


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i have no idea what i just wrote to you but yes i am always correct !!!!
also hi~ im back from another gaia break

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gaia ******** up, that's all lol

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man i was away for a month and this happens
im so lost *cries*
misha coIIins

Report | 08/18/2014 6:37 pm

misha coIIins

Thank you kindly for saying so.
misha coIIins

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misha coIIins

No problem! Ah...I love you too?
misha coIIins

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misha coIIins

Yes, but that does not mean you have give special treatment. You are fine.
misha coIIins

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misha coIIins

Ah no need to be.
misha coIIins

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misha coIIins

Yes, I adore my name as well.

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♥ picou bby pls i can disagree

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♥ whyyyy? D:


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Mai ugry Asian face.

I have a birthday. Do you? O7/22

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