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im a dumb butt

it's abbyyyy
I barely know how to write an About Me, how do I even keep conversations going idk
I first joined Gaia in 2010 before taking a year-long (two years even?) hiatus, which ended in Dec 2013. Since then I've been getting involved in guilds... maybe... kind of... more social.

- Really, really, really short. gaaah 153cm, just about 5 foot for all you non-metric people.
- Lurker of forums and guilds.
- I try to roleplay.
- I like getting to know people from random PM's and friend requests.
- Has a soft spot for I Am items.
- Terrible with names. If I've spoken to you before and completely forgot, SORRY I SUCK
- my wishlist is this ugly massive thing of wants and things that I think I need but I don't at all

Feel free to add me if we've chatted before and you don't want it to end with just one convo yeeah i'd do it but i never initiate anything sigh

LeviaEthel —» Pickled Cactus
my tumblr

have a nice day my pretties
bye ( ̄。 ̄)

im probably lonely

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Raven Xavier Kitari Report | 05/27/2015 3:42 am
Raven Xavier Kitari
Have you seen the new Assassin's Creed China? Its a spin off that looks great yum_puddi
pechaberri Report | 05/24/2015 10:43 am
It's on my profile. >u<

Btw, your black and gold avi looks coooool! It's like a pirate lady. =u=
soren_alenko Report | 05/24/2015 5:54 am
Rufus's Advice.
pants overrated Report | 05/21/2015 3:54 am
pants overrated
AYYYE awesome!1 I'll see if I can make it happen haha
PositiveEnergyMule Report | 05/18/2015 4:29 pm
That's good to hear! smile
pechaberri Report | 05/11/2015 4:38 pm
Edda~ and I tried to play private server of Luna Plus but it's bugged so I'm gunna wait til its fixed to play again, lol. I used to play Luna til it shut down so it'll be kinda throwback... just like this Gaia event we're having. (:

Also, I'm super excited cuz I actually colored my doodle. I don't do that often. >u>

Picture quality? Nope.
pechaberri Report | 05/10/2015 6:03 pm
I still have to color it... I got distracted with playing mmo's lol. >u>
pechaberri Report | 05/08/2015 10:04 pm
Lol so dedicated... now I feel like doodling my own, cuz the art in my profile is of my old avis. >u>
pechaberri Report | 05/08/2015 9:11 pm
Why not now? O:
Shaky jakeward Report | 05/08/2015 4:54 pm
Shaky jakeward
hello i like your username its verry clever biggrin


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hullo guys

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