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Name: Alex
Age: 20
State: Michigan
Status: Taken ♥
Occupation: Dispatcher
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Interests: PC games, art, sleeping
Bio: Introvert, loves horror yet easily frightened, four piercings with one small tattoo, one lovable cat.
I mainly hang around art forums, and sometimes rally.
I'm usually playing league or something on Steam.

Skype: Cyndaquiis
Steam I.D: AIexu
League: Alexu
Smite: AIexu

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Happily taken by Weston.
He's a dork
He's stubborn, but loveable
He makes me the happiest girl
I love him to pieces ♥

"Thank you for always being understanding and compassionate. I'm not always good at opening up, or feel receptive to feeling affectionate. However, you always assure me that its okay and that you're always there for me. You're loving, kind, generous, funny, and always a joy to be around.
I know I can be a pain in the a**, but to think its already been like two months that I moved up here to start a life with you. I know times are tough, but overtime things will start getting progressively better. I couldn't ask for a more amazing girl to be by my side to support me. Its the little things that you do for me that I appreciate the most. The fact you stayed up to make me breakfast before work was so heartwarming and really started my day off right. Because I know when I come home, you'll be there waiting at the door to hold me tight and end the day with you at my side. You provide me security, love, and the gift of your heart. I cannot be anymore thankful to you. You make me incredibly happy and I cant wait to continue making memorable moments in our lives together.
I love you with all my heart." - Weston ♥

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