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Hey y'all~

I'm an 18-year old girlie whose life revolves around music, books, art, swimming, marine biology, and Pokemon. I'm very social, rather sarcastic at times, and love making new friends. But let's get to know eachother a bit before random friend requests start flying in, alrighty?
One of my hobbies on Gaia is avatar-building. I'm a sucker for crazy colors, cosplays, and unique styles. Shoot me a PM or comment in my Avatar Dump if you'd like me to make you one!
Link to my Avatar Dump~


Avi/OC Art~

I'd love to talk about Pokemon, avis, art, or anything under the sun. So feel free to start up a conversation!
3DS Friend Code: 5215-3575-1746
IGN: Holly

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