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I go to uni nao, b/c I'm a big girl
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That's me with the ears --
I'm a closet extrovert.
I've got my head in the clouds and my heart in the right place.
Books are my life and music is my muse.




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alec ate your salad

Report | 03/25/2015 6:26 am

alec ate your salad

They go together very nice is all i'm saying.
You do say you are a good cook, i'm sure you will lots to right about.
You really have to sell it. Is the prof Kate or Cristina? Both look very artsy.

Any money is good money, try and make time for you and your bf this summer. Have fun emotion_donotwant

As long as you don't start buying toys and more food it should be fine. You want the cat to chill, not own the place.
You don't need another super intended on your a** lol

That's a good idea actually. I could organize a Canada package for you, let you find out if you like it here or not before you move. If you are still interested in going to school here.
Treats and drinks basically, maybe a t-shirt.

Eat your sandwich then, enjoy it!
So you finally whipped them into shape, huh? About time!
You're going to need a week off before you start work so you may catch up on all the sleep you are going to loose out on. Don't start stressing over it just yet! emotion_0A0
Praying for you, or crying.
alec ate your salad

Report | 03/24/2015 6:09 pm

alec ate your salad

You seem like you would fit in at a bakery, bakeries are always x1000000 times more nice when girls my age are working them. emotion_dowant
Twelve weeks, will that be enough for you to be able to have fun or at least eat?

That's even better then owning a cat because all you have is the cuteness.
I really dig this melon lemonade and fermented tea, still drinking beer that was bought at Christmas time as well. xp

That's why I was a vegetarian for so long, I wanted to be in harmony but I started to realize it's not perfect. I'm not trying to push it on any one, i'm amazed i'm able to do it myself is all.
alec ate your salad

Report | 03/23/2015 6:44 pm

alec ate your salad

Don't die of starvation, you poor thing. emotion_0A0
You don't have school in the summer, work at a bakery and eat your paychecks????

We've been posting about Cadbury? The last I heard about them is that their making the chocolate more healthy in North America, using real cocoa sort of stuff.
I can eat chocolate, dark enough of a chocolate is vegan. If I want cookies i'll make peanut butter cookies.
I'm sorry about your risotto Phorr, at least it's good, that's all that matters. Yay for leftovers!

Did find a costume hahaha
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alec ate your salad

Report | 03/23/2015 1:11 pm

alec ate your salad

I'm back! Oh lord my poor bank account!
I bought mario and zelda games and lots of music.
Did not pick anything to remember the event so I wrote Toronto Comic Con 2015 on a roll of toilet paper and brought it home lol

Even smelling meat makes me nauseated enough that I want to leave the area.
I have had a couple meat substitutes but I have never seen quorn.

I'm not interested in clothes so I don't know if I would want to dress up. Amazon has food costumes though, the next convention is in September, I may go as pizza or something.
As long as you're working then that's good.

My aunts and I are catologuing it so that it is easier to divide up in the family, we took photos of over 200 pieces of china for them to up online.
Don't know if they're up yet but there is a pic of me with the belleek, apparently looking like a super hero. What i'm interested in is one of her paintings that I like.

alec ate your salad

Report | 03/20/2015 9:55 am

alec ate your salad

yeah, a jager bomb for those who are weak.
What about strays, would you eat a stray?
Are you normally stealing for food? Maybe I do need to buy you Chinese food.

Walks are so nice as well, clears the head and outdoors are always nice here.
Your Chinese joint even has paper fungi on the menu? That's far out.

Beat up the people in your group. Have a talk, with a prof, i'm responding to this a couple days late so you've probably already made a decision.
My aunt is here and we are taking inventory of all the Belleek my grandmother bought through out the years, some of it is real pretty but it's not functional and not worth a lot to sell back.
Also going into the big city for the weekend because my cousin is dragging me to a comic convention, apprarently one the of big cosplay girls there are on gaia that I meet this morning on here, will never know for sure if it's just a stalker type or not though. Him and his group of friends are all at least five to ten years older then me and their way more nerdy then me.
alec ate your salad

Report | 03/18/2015 8:19 am

alec ate your salad

I'm feeling very emotion_zombie today, I had five Irish car bombs at the dinner table. A shot of red bull, an energy drink, dropped in the glass of Guinness.
I've heard about the dogs and cats in the food before, you have to do what you have to do to get by but they our too celebrated in our culture to fit in.
You would have to enter into their culture to do that sort of stuff.

Oh yeah we got vegan yogs. I'm going to start calling yogurt "yogs", now. 4laugh
I believe it's made from chick peas and some other stuff, basically everything is chick peas.
I'll stop being self conscious about being vegan then, I try really hard not to bother people.
My family is so cheap they would rather pick it up themselves then have to pay extra for delivery.

Yes it is. There was a nice tan army jacket that I liked. There was a place for patches on the jacket
I like a game with nice colours and nice music and generally easy so I don't get frustrated but still puzzles.
I'm such a child, stop listening to my brain from video games.
alec ate your salad

Report | 03/16/2015 6:13 pm

alec ate your salad

Sorry for the wait, the grocery store was a farther walk then I thought it would be. I need the workout though. Had to make sure I apply to some jobs before I comment back because it's St. Patricks tomorrow and that means not drinking responsibly.

Your chinese food has the stuff I like plus way more I have never tried before, I think it said it was more expensive compared to Canada though, honestly don't remember.
I'm very concerned with the chinese take out because I don't know what it's cooked with, I know sushi would be vegan though for its veggie rolls.
Eatting out in general can be difficult for me, stuff I would think would be vegan is not. Like I was getting Indian veggie curry and since I thicken it with coconut milk I just assume that's how all veggie curries are done.
I feel bad for having to ask. I don't like bringing it up to people that i'm vegan because that's the complaint that I hear most often is vegans always telling you that they're vegan.
Does just eat accept debit even, I usually pay in cash.

Yes my mother is a character indeed, it runs in the family. Hard headed, stubborn, only one way to do things. If you are not going to let me do it then why do it at all?

I feel like the fake fur would be too much for me, I like the c collar coats. They make me feel like dancing.

I'm too baby, sticking with Banjo Kazooie and other kids games. Toy Story 2, that's a fun game.
alec ate your salad

Report | 03/15/2015 3:53 pm

alec ate your salad

It's all take out food to me.
I mean, I understand there is a huge difference.

Your chinese food is more expensive but a whole lot more variety, dang!!!
Ours is only chicken, pork or beef and it's in fried rice or with noodles and of course chicken balls, very greasy.
Hangover food basically. I thought I could order you chinese food when I was first looking at the site. Laughing to myself of buying people chinese food from the other side of the world.

Yes but it's my mother we are dealing with here.

You mean Parka coats, right? I don't like hoods. Right now my coat is some thrift store grab. It works when I have to use it.

So don't make me play scary games then if you understand what i'm going through.
alec ate your salad

Report | 03/15/2015 1:52 pm

alec ate your salad

AAAAHHHHHHH you've already commented back, my keyboard stopped working because I held the shift button for too long and it was making robot noises so I had to send what I had typed and then restart my comp to finish.

That tea had too many flavours in it to make it seem appetizing, avocado and tuna plus 7 other things? No thanks Willy Wonka
Is the Americanised Chinese food popular in the Englands? It's hard to find some authentic quality stuff besides the fried rices and chicken balls, why sushi is such a fave for me.
I'm able to eat it.

They have old turntables around town as well but if I could get something to be able to put the music on a computer as well that would be great.
I'm all for playing the music but I need to be portable as well. Carrying a phone and a i-pod in the same pocket isn't so comfortable.

It's mostly local bands but there are a couple bigger bands that are going to be playing and it's all going to be in coffee shops or club type places around town. Super cheap and lots of fun hopefully.

My mother wanted nature pictures not blurry selfies and some dumb dog, I was getting the backs of people. She has never understood me artistically.

You get used to it,, it's mostly small talk with one of them. Nothing really happens, when it's just guys.
Yeah, okay, big poofy jackets. I hate that. I'd be cool with a k-way maybe. Windbreaker?
The two flannels seem to be working well.

I'm such a scaredy cat. Nightmares are the absolute worse, even serious cop shows give me the creeps because some girls got kidnapped.
I can't handle anything bad, I have too much of an imagination that goes way over board with everything.
alec ate your salad

Report | 03/15/2015 1:29 pm

alec ate your salad

They have a couple things like that here that go on in the summer, problem is you need to be physically fit. Well I need to be, they do look fun.

Ahmen to that Phorr, you go girl~
Yes lots of photos, cameras in the phones are quality. Technology is so cool, so is having a fam jam.

I used to have a Nickelodeon camera and I took pictures of my friends dog and my mother was unhappy with me and I never saw the camera again.

Way to go! Now you don't need to feel like you are growing outwards. The only people I skype with are my parents. My friends never respond to me anymore.
Yeah that makes sense that you are going to have an ugly apple every so often, why people have such high standards for their produce is crazy, everything having to be the right shape and colour.
When it doesn't really matter.

I was caring? Where did this come from?
It's like you knew I was a shut in, do I give off nerd vibes that badly? gonk
I'm either shy or dancing in the street, nothing makes me one or the other.
You've got me all self conscious now! emotion_0A0

I've been looking for more older games to play for something to do. Pawn shops are either hit or miss.


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