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Chloeee :: 22 :: United Kingdom

I go to uni nao, b/c I'm a big girl
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That's me with the ears --
I'm a closet extrovert.
I've got my head in the clouds and my heart in the right place.
Books are my life and music is my muse.




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Minty Stix

Report | 08/18/2015 8:42 am

Minty Stix

veggie pizza

Report | 08/12/2015 3:48 pm

veggie pizza

you get to choose your family then, that's the best part. A lot easier to forget people as well when they are only friends.

Could you make print that piece of paper onto a t-shirt? Charge people all the money!

I'd be glad to work, breakfast meetings would be a blast.

I am able to become a level one now, I still need to pass another exam and have a year of experience first though.
It's another thing on my resume, showing that I really want this. It's something that I got done with now instead of having to take a week off of work for it.
Very weird how things work, everything is highly regulated with the government.

That's when you get one of those toilets that shots the water at your butt. You need some fiber in your life a.k.a. a vacation.
veggie pizza

Report | 08/12/2015 2:21 pm

veggie pizza

Make your own family, forget those who are toxic.
Moms with no love that's who.

I believe you can pull off honours. Do they give you a pin or something you show off for the rest of your life like a badass?
Would be glad to be on your team, because money is cool. I'll immigrate on the next plane out.

I have no idea anymore, it's for the best, look at you doing something with your life. emotion_kirakira

Unable to see you as a sore loser, angry but not sad from losing. You said yourself that you're mellow.
Please don't cry.

The certificate means I am able to have more responsibilities and progress in the job field, there are five levels and you need the certificate to be able to get to level 1
You no longer have to work directly under another operator, you're doing s**t on your own.

Beat them up in the court room. DON'T MESS WITH CHLOE! As you pile drive the girl into the ground classified_fu
That's new lows for your room mates, thought you had peace of mind with them out of your life but they had to ******** up again.
veggie pizza

Report | 07/20/2015 10:55 am

veggie pizza

The family only started talking to each other because of the death and now that the one year memorial is over now everyone is going back to being them self.
My mom says she's been like this for as long as she can remember, there was one point as a kid where no one talked with each other for three years because nobody wanted to resolve anything.
My family would rather be miserable, I am learning to understand that and learning not to mess them anymore. I've got a couple cool cousins though.

I thought you were talking about a car, and then the ratio sports version and then me. Bless you Wikipedia
THE BADGER MAG!!! I remember that, was going to ask about it when you first commented back
Free cider would be great for you

Exactly, there is a fine line between being artistic and being creepy, know where that line is.

The game is called settlers of catan, my mother is getting angry because I keep beating her and wanting a rematch.

If there is nothing you can do to help your family you could at least support, be glad you are not involved.
You're responsible because you've learned not to drink a lot of booze. That's logical, set the example for young kids to follow.
We need more people like you.

I got some good news, I passed the mandatory drinking water entry level course that I was stressing real bad over because I have no experience.
It feels good though, I still feel like I got this and my life is not falling in on me because I can't work. A side job would be nice though for the mean time.
Doubt that will happen though, I hate writing cover letters out. I don't take the work seriously
veggie pizza

Report | 07/18/2015 5:48 pm

veggie pizza

oh yeah, it's been heated for months even before the visit was initiated. My aunt deleted everyone on facebook so you know it's stupid but real. I'm not looking forward to driving down there to get the other half of my stuff, she is still going to have a grudge held waiting to get more s**t off her chest.

Looks like you have a future for yourself as long as school doesn't kill you. You are on your way to amazing things. smile

The canoes all had people in them at one point! I had to wait for them to leave before I took the photo though. That spot there and my own bed are the only places I hang around at.

I am applying to the three breweries in town to try and get some work, it's very important I get out of my parents home. I made my mother play board games with me today because I was so bored.

That's a whole lot more real, what you have going on. eek
"she has gone to the heavens" rip
that joke has probably been made a thousand times, sorry

That's quite the parents you got there. Hopefully it's just the alcohol? gonk
It's good to reflect and seek change. emotion_c8 emotion_c8 emotion_c8 emotion_c8 emotion_c8

veggie pizza

Report | 07/16/2015 12:32 pm

veggie pizza

My grandmother, it was the reunion I believe. All I know is that my grandfather told his family that we ruined his week by being there.

You need a balance, I was an hour away from the huge city before and there was plenty going on in the town I was living in. Now I have to drive 8 hours to get into the big city, living in a dead end town with nothing going on. There are better towns in the south with people my age, I still enjoy hiking trails and the lakes here though. I was sitting by the lake today and 12 people in four canoes rowed up in front of me and parked on the beach. I guess this is not the most common thing but there are multiple vegan restaurants where I was living and this one cafe that was opened until way late at night and I felt so comfortable there. I don't have that, but I can't get this amount of scenery that I have in the north anywhere in that area.

This was the view from where I was sitting
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

It was a lot easier to learn then I thought it would be, I do tend to drive faster then I should be though. twisted

Will see if anyone that you are interning for now knows anyone at the place you want to intern you at next so you could be just given the job?
Yeah I am still working towards that, even if he did not live in that city I would be still interested in living there, all because of a vegan pizza place that is open until 12am lol

That's really great to hear you are out of the tangle of those two chicks and have decent and proper people in your life. I don't know if your bf would be too fond of the idea or not though
He would own the first bioshock, right? Otherwise yeah I could see why it would be boring if he doesn't get the story. It seems like you have a good set up finally, hope you have lots of fun.

It was the beach dress for sure that got you the job.
*tries to hide jealousy*

veggie pizza

Report | 07/16/2015 5:36 am

veggie pizza

Well congratulations on that! I've heard of it being done before, my friend went through with one. He sat in his kitchen in a tuxedo in the middle of the summer for this job on the other side of the country.
Being able to afford food is awesome.

Well I sat around for a while, basically chasing my own tail, decided to go back to my parents house to write my drivers test found out you had to book a month in advance so i'm doing it in two weeks from now. I had my uncles family from Texas visiting with the one cousin that I can really talk to in the family that I have not seen in two years. So we all went to my grandfathers house for a funeral reunion and that was horrible because my aunt had mental breakdowns because things where not going how she wanted and the universe shifted away from here and kicked her brother and my mom out of the house so I can't live in the city anymore so now i'm stuck at my parents house. sweatdrop
My moms side of the family has always been off kilter with most people expressing clear mental issues but recently this family has become a whole new level of ******** up. It's better to stay away, I have most of my stuff in that house though so i'm driving down when I get my license that will let me drive on my own to pick up everything else. My mom doesn't even want to talk to her father or sister at this point in time so it looks like it's we are not going to be seeing them for the next couple of years. Basically my aunt that's in her 50's has a mental capacity of an 18 year old and her son who is 29 may as well be 16
veggie pizza

Report | 07/14/2015 5:04 pm

veggie pizza

I couldn't decide if you were in Narnia or you had gave birth to children.

Regardless I missed talking to you English friend!

Report | 06/22/2015 4:58 pm


hey, ninja
veggie pizza

Report | 06/21/2015 11:23 am

veggie pizza

You are 100% piper


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