End of an Era



Yeah, it's me.

There's not much you need to know about me. I'm Always. I'm doing English, Legal Studies, History, and Art at school. I love law and English, and I excel in both.
I'm of some type of age, of course, but you're not privy to exactly how young I may or may not be, with the bare reassurance that I am not a 42-year-old stalking and hunting for 'little angels' that I can terrify.

I am Always. I'm in school, going into year 12 in 2013. I'm vegetarian. I'm opinionated.

I am absolutely in love with Doctor Who. I also watch Sherlock BBC and Supernatural. I enjoy Harry Potter, books and films, though mostly books.

That is me. And that is all you need to know.



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MintyMiDraws Report | 12/23/2012 11:16 am
Thanks for your purchase! biggrin
flowers for machines Report | 07/14/2012 2:09 pm
flowers for machines
It's really weird, actually. Now that I'm about to leave, he's suddenly trying to be a good dad.

We leave on Monday, and we're going to take about a week to drive there. I'm bringing my phone and my laptop, so I'll be able to get online.
flowers for machines Report | 07/13/2012 6:51 am
flowers for machines
Moving to Washington state.
Yes, I'll still have internet, though I probably won't be on much for a couple weeks at least. We'll need to settle in and all that fun stuff. And of course you can still talk to me.
A little bit of both. My mom married a man who lives in Washington, and I'm going to college out there.
I'm fine. Besides cramps, that is.
flowers for machines Report | 07/12/2012 5:47 pm
flowers for machines
Guess what?
I'm moving next week.
flowers for machines Report | 07/11/2012 5:57 pm
flowers for machines
Wanna bet?
flowers for machines Report | 07/11/2012 7:05 am
flowers for machines
flowers for machines Report | 07/09/2012 2:56 pm
flowers for machines
I love you too.
flowers for machines Report | 06/23/2012 5:04 pm
flowers for machines
o hai
Lady Lillita Report | 04/27/2012 11:39 pm
Lady Lillita
I cannot thank you enough for the gift. Thank you infinitely. heart
acutely Report | 04/18/2012 8:00 pm
mhm, you're welcome~ c: