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I absolutely love avi art. Draw me? :3

Pixel-art by InuPaws.



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~ Yes, I tend to send out semi-random friend requests. Accept it, or throw it away. Do whatever you want with it. :3 But it usually means I want to talk, even if I don't initiate to it, because I'm shy like that. x3 ~

>Yes, I'm Phoenixious's main account now.<

I'm not sure what to write here. I'm me. Shy, introverted, computer-geek, art-lover, book-worm, anime-freak, gamer-girl, wannabe-writer.

Things/fandoms I like/am into:
- Harry Potter,
- Homestuck,
- Gunnerkrigg Court,
- My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic,
- Doctor Who,
- Stargate Atlantis,
- Charmed,
- Vampire Diaries,
- Star Wars,
- Avatar - The Legend of Korra,
- .hack//,
- Sword Art Online,
- Log Horizon,
- Chobits,
- Minecraft,
- Chrono Trigger,
- Monument Valley,
- Game/anime OSTs, etc. etc.

Forever a zOMGaian~ <3