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Art on the left is done by me.

Call me Len but my name is Ellen.
I'm 16
Currently living at Auckland
Malaysian Chinese with a mix of Korean and Taiwanese blood.
Gamer // Artist
I mostly spend my time gaming so I'm reallly really unactive
Huge anime fan
I love KPOP as well - My two loves are Kwon Yuri from SNSD <3 and Wooyoung from 2PM!!
I repeat, I'm not active on this site so if you would like to contact me.. Just Skype or message me on DA <3 ( I would only give my Skype ID to close friends )




Bozo the Emo Clown ( Tammy )

I love her so much <3 ! I've known her since 2009 and that's 4 years! (: We still talk to each other so much and though we haven't met each other yet in real life.. we feel like we're best friends forever. :3 I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the laughs and joy she brought to me~ She has been there for me in the ups and downs. :3She's an awesome friend ! Go and hit her up if you want. <3 It'll be worth it because she's beyond amazing!

Mayebelle ( Lih Yan )

You should stalk her profile as well! She's my best friend in real life as well as my distant cousin. TBH, she is one of an a*****e.

Bozo The Emo Clown