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Yo, I'm Phantom, an American in the CST.
Er, heterosexual and single.
Turned Twenty-two in April and graduated with a bachelor of arts in May woo
Shoot me a PM if you want to roleplay.
I also do art. I sometimes do requests depending on my schedule.
Don't know what else to say, eh.

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Precious Amaranth


The Royal Trickster

It was super effective





dark pillow

lamb hearts

Autumn Apple

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NaughtyNaughty SunShine

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(for some reason I do not have a record of who made this one but it is signed none the less. oops. credit and love to them either way)

So Dapper


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Wabbit Bunnie

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RarityMainSix Report | 03/15/2016 9:40 pm
we should try to RP again!
RarityMainSix Report | 03/15/2016 9:02 pm
hiya biggrin
Lilliths Sinful Desires Report | 03/10/2016 9:29 pm
I see you enjoy the outift -squee- thanks!
Chrysallis Kate Report | 02/14/2016 8:33 am

Thank you for the purchase~! ^-^ Enjoy~ heart

Kinu-Shinku Report | 10/02/2015 2:27 am
Hey there..... would you be willing to trade with me for your Zodiacal?
What do you like other than this things on your profile.
RarityMainSix Report | 09/18/2015 9:59 pm
RarityMainSix Report | 08/16/2015 8:48 pm
FireFistAyane bluewolf Report | 07/20/2015 5:35 pm
I love your profile!! It's so awesome! cat_4laugh
Super_Tiny_tina3 Report | 06/12/2015 2:10 pm
Hi, I was wondering if you'd like to rp? =D
i choose you adventure Report | 06/07/2015 10:03 pm
Cool! c:
Thanks for responding back to my questions haha!
I'll definitely heed the advice and check out those authors~


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My OC Art

I love art and doodling is just an amazing pastime. During those long hours of absolute nothingness, I began to come up with different characters and his/her story. This is their tale and the art I made as well as others (who I love dearly for =D).


Lazy WIP by me
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"To every thing there is a season; and a time for every purpose under heaven."

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Welcome to my profile, everybody. Stick around for a bit.