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Not every story has a happy ending.......
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So i go by many names depending whom i'm with but Grim/Guru/Gandalf are the main ones between friends for funny reasons usually. Stories are the passion i love to bring to gaia as well as writing outside, i do a little reading on the side compared to before. P.S. I was killing characters in droves way before Game of thrones lol. I used to be cyber-Mech Grim amongst others.

So i favour the 1x1 category for RPing as it's easier but i join groups too, if your interested then just throw a comment up or PM me. I do lots of different Genres and I can give examples.

Outside of here i tend to love my anime over most shows but if its a Supernatural kind like "Supernatural" or Grimm I'll dive in head first, Sci-fi and horror too because who doesn't like living on the edge!


Dfrnt luv
Ronove Misaku

Gotta keep your friends close....She's awesome!

Another awesome person!